Eric: Destroyed arenaMature

This guy had cut me a few times , and I haven't got him once. Each time before I get him ice protects or a swift counter attack with fire.  I had to step it up.  An arm of flaming ice comes barring down on me. I don't dodge it I block it with my sword , and shoot an arc of flames though it shattering it, I also take control of the flames from his attack and force it at him melting his ice wall. I race forwards and appear before him . He is quick enoug to block but was quite ready for the a mass of flames to burts of my sword and blast him through the arena.

The crowd seems to enjoy this fight as the begin to clap. Where they as heartless as me? Maybe more I wouldn't be clapping at someones at the least. The smoke clears my eyes strain to look for my openent.  I can't see I need to get moving or else. I feel a glaciers worth of ice  crush me to the ground.Thats exactly what I was afraid of. I resist the force summoning fire to no avail. I had to win this. I swing my sword upwards a beautiful arc of flames ripping the ice apart. I shoot off the ground to meet his blade.

He smiles happily then shoots me down with more flaming ice. I explode across the other end of the arena. I was losing but I knew I can and will win. I stab my sword into the ground a wave of flames melts all of the ice in the arena, and in two quick swing the arena is destroyed, and my enemy lies in rubble. I sheath the sword , and dig him out.

" You met a girl recently where  did you meet her? I need to know. Please tell me!" I nearly plead his face filled with surprise.

The End

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