"I...I...." I burst into tears and curl up on the ground. The girl tries to comfort me. Her eyes are slightly warning but I can't think of that right now.

Then suddenly a hourn blares through the flames and darkness. "A fight is happening" the girl whispers.

"I can't go.... I just want to go home" I say wiping the tears from my eyes. The girl tilts her head and looks at me with sympathy.

"Whats your name?" she asks.

"Devon and don't treat me like a child to much. I may look young but I'm not as young as I seem" I say trying to look stern.

"Okay, my names Sakura" she says standing up. She offers her hand which I take letting her pull me to my feet.

"You should move from this area its hunting grounds" she says.

I nod. "Do you know-"

"Follow me" she says and begins to head off. I scramble after her. One thing I was good at. Cross country, running, walking those sort of boring sports.

She trecks through the firery land almost comfortable but I can feel her hate for the place. I spot a rock not burning and try to pick it up.

It won't come out so I pul harder. What ever was trapping it is released and I fall backwards.

"Are you-" Sakura gasps. I look at what I picked up to see a thing blade of bluish silver.

"A sword?" I say questioning.

"Thats not normal thats Starlight..... but that shouldn't be in this realm" Sakura says. She reaches out to touch it then yelp likes she was singed.

I look down.... it did singe her.

"I think we should get far from here...... with that you most likely have a death warrant on your head" Sakura says looking down at the blade.

The End

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