Eric:Like a gladiatorMature

I find myself , and my master hurtling through a portal to a sub level of existance where we meet , A Immortal who looks similiar to my master but the only that his body looks permanetly burnt and on fire but has Ice cold eyes.

" Felix this is your  servant of destruction? From the stories I expected something a little more pretentious, stronger , even scarier." The opposing immortal looks down upon him. After a year I never asked for his true name , and I have to with the name I'm less afraid of him.

" Oh don't worry he is more dangerouse looking in battle." My master or should I say Felix says.

" He better be." The othe Immortal mumbles , and leads us through a network of both frozen , and flaming walls , and pillars. 

I guess each immortal has a certian area of dominance or prefer a certian element. My master I presumed liked flames ,and metals. Although he rarely showed that off, but I knew it was there , from personal experience , and summoning metal spikes once before. I really can't say I understand this world but when I first stepped here my physcal being shattered, disintergrated , and made me into a minor immortal, and was given strength to become a servant of destruction. I know that any hope of going back to the world I once walked on will never  be.

As I thought about the structure , and how things work here I found my self standing in a collesuem like arena only with a few modificatation was the tripping hazards moved , and made streaks of either flames , ice , or both, and the seats where also made out of flaming ice.  A door opens I can tell its a minor immortal but he looked as human as I did.  He didn't wear the menacing armour that or even had a sword strapped to his back. Just a blue jacket to knee length hieght , flawless white panst with short black hair , and completly darkened eyes. One thing that I didn't recieve when I passed over, and I'm thankful for that very much.  He walks up to me hand extended.

" My counterpart, lets have a fair battle."  He says his hand freezing my own as I shake his hand.  The small contact I feel a left over presence of Devon.  My eyes go wide in shock.

" Is there something wrong?"  He asks.

" You , never mind. Lets just get this thing over with."  I grumble drawing my sword which burst into flames, all the metal on my body also went into flames, and then my eyes.

" Now I can understand the stories, You truly look like servant of destruction."  He compliments me. How can I fight someone who seems so outwardly friendly? 

I jump back to my end of the arena , to tell him I was ready , and I don't want to talk. He moves to his end, and in his hand formed a sword from ice , and flame. I look around the stadium it was filled by many souls, immortals , and creatures of the dark, and I could feel a few minor immortals through the masses.  A voice booms over the stadium.

" 5....... 4.......3.....2....1, Let the battle begin!" 

Before I realize something from the other side of the arena speedily comes at me.  I move my head dodging a tendril of ice which explodes with flames. How effective.  I guess the next move is mine. I'm going win this battle , and he is going to tell me where he saw Devon. I couldn't lose.

The End

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