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I hear the crack of a whip and a squeal escapes my lips. The horrible beast turns then I begin to feel tears streak down my cheek.

I stand up and back away then find out he wasn't alone. About 7 of them.

They look like half human's, half lions. I need to run but I can't see anyway to escape.

The leaders voice is like needles scrapping against glass. "Well, Well what do we have here?" he says a fork touch flicks from his mouth. So he's also part snake.

A human body with a lion tail and eyes then a snakes tongue.

I look around and the others smile. There teeth are sharp as razors.

"What do you think we should do boys?" he says smiling.

"I think you should leave her alone" a voice says. They all turn to see a stern man watching them. The flames flicker out from him trying to excape a cold mist coming from his body.

The creatures that were surrounding me hiss and back up to stand next to there leader.

The strange man grabs my wrist and pull me behind him. "Unless you want to be seen dead, I'd expect you to leave" the man says.

I take in his apperance. Blue knee length coat together till the waist then white trousers, unmarked not a speck of dirt, then brown boots which are beneath his trousers.

His hair is cut short and is black and his eyes are consumed by darkness.

The creatures hiss one last time then scatter off into the flames and darkness there leader ahead.

The man turns to me and smiles. I know I should be grateful but I shiver.

"You should be careful little lost spirit things will try and eat you here" he says then he strides off.

"Wait!" I shout. "Who are you?"

"Just a cursed immortal sweety" he says then disapears the cold mist that clung around him engulfing his body.

The End

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