Eric: DestructiveMature

 I walk across the firey landscape , dark what you would call mythical creatures keep there distance, for very good reason. Newly spilled blood caked my leather armour , and dark torn cape. I held my sword in my hand pointing down on to the ground blood dripped from the sword. Behind me once was a place of salvation for escaped souls , now its a place of death. I was told to hate , and kill any escaped soul because they are evil.  Not too  muchlonger I find myself as the evil life taking killer , the worse part of it is I feel next to no remorse, but I know what I'm doing isn't right. I will , and want to find a way to stop this. 

A slight unnatural breeze blows , by , and my figure seems to disapear like dust.  I appear in a fire lit room with large obsidian pillars , with flames encricling them at the base this hall continues  for whats seems to be a half a mile but yet I can see My enemy, my master, my fear. five minutes later I arrive , and kneel at the evil immortal who brought me here, who probably decieved me.

" Rise Eric." He dark voice shakes my body , and I find no need to command myself as I'm already standing, "  How many have you killed to see your love?" He asks me.

I keep my eyes focussed below him , and say," Millions possibly half a billion." I say without remorse.

" Are you the same person that she knew a year ago?"

" No."

" But yet you still want to see her yes?"

My heart leapt in hope.

" Yes, My lord."

" Very well , but after this one more task."  The Immortal says with a smile , and anger grew on my face.  It takes every ounce of my will power to not grab my blade , and attack. Somehow I do manage to keep still , and listen.

"  Recently another Immortal who deals in souls like me , has also got himself , a minor Immortal doing similiar tasks like your self , and we are both very curious to see who is stronger."

" When and where?"  I ask while finding the resolve to fight back if he holds back on me. One more time.

The End

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