So coldMature


So cold. I don't know what happened, one minute I was with Eric the next.  Blood, death, fire but still cold. I don't know where I am. I don't know what time it is. How long its been?

I think I saw Eric once. In this world of flames. I don't want him hurt or to even be here. No matter what I do I still feel cold. So cold.

Shivering. I want to go home. I may be 25 but I've always felt like a little child. I think others have always seen me that way too.

Small, innocent..... My midnight black hair still flows around me. Straight down to my hips. I don't know why it hasn't singed. I mean the fire should burn it right. Burn me.

But nothing, not a nip, not a scatch, just..... nothing. I think there are others in this world but I don't dare venture from the corner of a cave where I hide the burning coal pressed to my back.

Not that I feel it. I think my eyes have changed though. The Irises complete black. It scares me.

What am I? Something makes me feel like the answer to that is a lost soul. Something makes me feel this is hell and the devil or something has claimed me.

I want to get out. Want to run but I dare not move? I don't think my thin fragile small body could handle it.

I mean I was never weak but..... I wasn't perfectly strong ever.

I hear something move. Something coming towards me. I wish these things would stop tormenting me and just leave me alone.

Oh, please let me go home....

The End

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