Take The Word Of One ImmortalMature

A man in love can make stupid decisions like takeing the word of an immortal, an evil immortal.

1 year ago

It all happened so quickly one moment Devon , and I where walking down the street, and before my eyes blood explodes from her chest , and she is dead before she even hits the ground. I kneel to the ground and hold her slowly cooling body tightly.

" Devon!Devon,No!" I shout as I feel no pulse.  A little afterwards , paramedics , and cops drop by ,literally pry me off Devon, and pronounce her dead. She didn't derserve to die , why did she die?  I run to my Apartment barely keeping my emotions in check my green sweater stained in Devons blood. I slammed the apartment door shut , I lean agianst the door , and slide down realizing she was gone. Why Devon , she was so sweet, she could do nothing to hurt a fly.

" Why?" I ask to myself , not exactly thinking something would respond.

Something melts from my wall, I nearly jumped out of my skin as this blackened being with firey red eyes with horns that you could relate to a minotaur. 

"Wh.... wh ...... who are you?" I whimper.

" An immortal. Listen clearly."  He says darkly.

" Devon won't go to heaven , She just another soul about to be mine, Leave her we will recieve her. Its beyond your control , will you ever meet agian?  But there is something you can do."  The demon says not exactly not making the most sense but I can grasp what he is talking about , and let him continue the guy who claims to be an immortal waves his right hand a portal of flames appears behind , and his voice begins to revvereberate. 

" Devon lies beyond this portal , Take the word of one immortal. Give you soul to me for eternity , release your life to start another time with her! End your grief with me  theres another way. Release life and take  your place among the fire with Her!" 


It was an offer I couldn't refuse , and I foolishly followed after the immortal, I've seen Devon once but I couldn't free her , Now I promised constantly that I will see her agian but never do. I'm not even sure if he actually even owns Devons soul, maybe it was lie , now I'm trapped , and I have to do what i'm told I'm a soldier of destruction , and evil. What would Devon think of me now?

The End

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