I composed myself and took a deep breath. I opened the door, smiling at Regan's mother who was waiting patiently at the bottom of the stairs. She returned the smile and walked off into what I assumed was the kitchen. 

His father was sat over bran flakes reading The Times.

My breakfast was already set out on the table. Bacon and eggs. Ew. I couldn't bring myself to finish the plate full of grease and fat so I passed it off as "not hungry" and dashed back into Regan's bedroom. Surely this boy must have a mobile phone somewhere.

I spotted a older touch-screen samsung on his desk. I unlocked it and opened the keypad. It was a similar model to my previous mobile. So I found it easy to decipher. I tapped my temple as I tried to recall my number... 07... It sprang into my head and I tapped the phones screen quickly pressing the call button.

'Regan?' I asked carefully. 


'What did you do to me you little prick?!' I shouted, glancing at the door. Hoping his parent's didn't hear me. 

'What did I do to you? What did you do to me?

'I don't know! Just get to school early. And meet me by the science-block lockers. Okay?

' 'kay.' He replied, pausing slightly as he expected me to reply. Which I didn't, I promptly hung up and threw open his wardrobe door; looking for his uniform. All of his clothes were neatly hung up and folded inside of it. I frowned as I picked out his casual attire from his school attire. It was more difficult than it looked.

Once I'd found it all; tie and socks included. I tossed them onto his bed. I tugged off the shirt I was wearing and paused as I began to remove his boxers. It would be rude to look, right? If he looked at my boobs I'd be furious. So wouldn't it be the same for him? I grabbed his underwear from the bed and managed to do a swift change while my eyes were averted. 

I picked up his bag, assuming it was already packed with the things he needed knowing Regan and dashed down the stairs.

'Bye! I'm off!' I yelled. I made my way to the end of the street. I knew how to get to school from here, 'cause Jess... lives down this part of town.

I bit my lip angrily. And sped up my pace towards town center. He better have fucking worn makeup!

The End

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