A New Face.Mature

I skipped the rest of the day, I probably wouldn't be able to face Jess or Ben without screaming crude insults at the both of them. I whipped out my compact mirror and studied my red, swollen eyes and smudged eyeliner. 

'Fucks sake...' I huffed, wiping the messy back stains away with a wet finger.

I saw Regan brushing off his trousers, and instantly felt compelled to go take out my fury on the scrawny little prick. But as I watched him wipe dirt from his face, and tears build up in his dark eyes I felt a bit of pity well up inside me. So I let him go - for the time being. 

I ran I hand through my perfectly curled locks and made my way to the schools back entrance.  Tonight was going to be a long one, I was betting that my sister and mother would be bugging me about my sullen face all evening.  

Once I got home, I gave my family a curt, "I'm home." And promptly stormed upstairs and into my bedroom. I glared at every single pair of Ben-shaped faces that stared at me. 

I tore down all of the pictures that had been stuck onto my notice bored carelessly with bluetac, crumpled them up and tossed them into the bin.

I sighed, flopping down on my bed; throwing an arm across my face...


I rolled onto my side, my I stretched out my arms to my sides. As I did so, I noticed my bed felt so much smaller than it usually did. I sat up, feeling groggy from my previous night filled with tears. 

Well... I should have felt groggy. But I felt alright, and not tired at all.

'Oh... fuck...' I said, horrified as I stared down at my body. No, someone else's body. I picked at the hem of the boxer shorts and gulped. I leaped out of bed and studied my face in the mirror.

'Fuck me... Regan....' I gaped at my (or his) reflection, poking my new face. 

'Regan! Breakfast!' A women's voice yelled up the stairs.

'Coming!' I replied out of habit, my voice deeper. I didn't like this one fucking bit. I sank to the floor. I had a sick feeling in my tummy, wanting to believe it wasn't real. But I knew that it wasn't some horrific dream. It was reality and it was twisted. 


'Um... Mum?'


I froze, 'where's Lucy?'

'Whose Lucy?' She laughed, 'you still tired?'

'Um.. no... never mind...' I whispered, tears slid down my cheeks and I put my head in my hands. I was terrified. I didn't know what to do...

The End

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