jewellery changes everything...

Alice Wood. That's the name you'll hear whenever your walking through school. Even the scrawny first years know it. Some things people hear about "Alice Wood" are bad. But personally, I don't believe I've ever done anything to offend any person in this school.

My boyfriend is also, like me, one of the most popular people in our year. No, in the whole school. We've been dating smoothly for three months now. I think that's the longest I've gone. I'm the type of person who falls in love way too quickly. So that's why I'm a bit of a boy-hopper.

I figured that if I just sleep around loads with loads of different people then I'll be able to easily avoid developing feelings for anyone. But... Ben's different from all the other boys, he's sorted. Doesn't sleep with me when either of a 'rents are in. And has this amazing smile which melts away any tension after a fight.

Yeah, I'm pretty much already in love with him. Is it even possible to pack on such feelings in such a short amount of time? Well, I don't really know and don't really give a shit at the moment.

I looked down at the pair of rings in my hands, I'd bought them from a cute little jewellery shop just outside of town. The lady at the counter had convinced me that if you and your significant other put them on, you could totally stay in love for ages after(she said forever. But nothings forever, right?).

Smiling to myself, I skipped out of the canteen; and took two steps at a time as I made my way towards the roof where he and all of our friends hung out.

As I made my way up the towerblock; I knocked a kid out of the way. I turned away to apologise, 'oh. Reagan, I'm in a rush.'

'Noticed,' he mumbled. I rolled my eyes and carried on upwards. I was delighted to see Ben waiting for me on the fourth flight of stairs.

'Hi. Let's not go to roof today.' He said quietly.

'Okay, hey before we go. I got these, seeing as we've been dating for, like, three months now.' I smiled as I shoved out my hand, my ring already on my index finger; his on my palm.

His face fell and he looked incredibly guilty.

'We... need to talk.'

'Oh fuck.' I grunted.

'Look, your a great girl and it was fun... but I... It's Jess.' He said finally, looking away.


'Jess and I decided to go out after I broke up with you,' he sighed, running a hand through that mop of blonde hair I loved so much.

'Oh. Well fuck you,' I hissed, I turned on my heel. Tossing my head over my shoulder I said, 'for future reference she has small tits.'

I had to run as fast as I could after that so he wouldn't see my crying. I glanced at the open window beside me and threw out his ring as hard as I could.

The End

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