Not a game anymore...Mature


"Ok I'm unlocking room two!" Craig told me, and a few moments later the tell-tale cha-ching sound reached my ears. My vision suddenly went red and I darted forward, blood obscuring my sight. I spun around lifted my tommy-gun and opened fire on the zombie that had clawed me.

Gradually the red cleared and I followed Craig into the open room. I took a moment to survey the room, and noticed a few things at once. One: The room was clear for the moment. Two: There was a box in the corner.

"Hey Craig I'm gonna check out the box, cover me all right?"

"Yep, go for it!"

The box wasn't locked, and as I lifted the lid I saw something that made me very happy.

"Craig! There is a deployable in here!"

"Nice! Ok you think we should head upstairs?"

I gave him a nod, "Let's do it!"

We ran up the stairs to find a couch in the way. Wonderful.

"Craig watch my back! Someone left a couch in the way!"

"Ok hurry! Their coming back full-force!"

The boom of Craig's trench gun sounded again and again, and while pushing the couch I was mentally counting each boom. When my mind reached six booms, and the couch had barely moved at all, I realized the simple truth.

We were gonna die.

I spun and opened fire as Craig went down under a mob of zombies, but then my gun clicked empty and I waited as my vision went from red to dark.

Then out of the darkness I saw:

Game Over.



My shoulders slumped and I dropped the controller. Alex was the first one to speak, "Well that wasn't too bad, we almost beat our record. We have to beat it tonight so we can update the Nazi Zombie Record Book."

I nodded, "I'm not sure what happened there, usually we have the upstairs unlocked by round 8... we were downstairs for a long time... what happened with couch?"

"I have no idea! I was hitting the square button! Must have glitched or something... we'll do better next tim-"


Alex was cut off by the sound of glass smashing. I wasn't too worried, my mom had probably just dropped a dish.Just to be on the safe side I opened the door and yelled out,

"Hey mom? Everything all right?"




I looked back at Alex who gave me a worried glance in return. I left the room, and with Alex following behind me I went for the kitchen. My mom was...

I wish I could she was gone.

She wasn't. I came around the corner and saw my mom on the floor.

Being eaten.

By zombies... weird thing was...

We weren't playing a game anymore...

The End

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