Two Nerds, One giant pack of flesh-eating zombies.Mature


"They're swarming the back entrance!" Craig's voice informed me over the walkie-talkie.

"Copy. Pull back to my room and we'll try to punch through on my end."

"Alright, on my way."

I dropped the walkie-talkie, brought my gun up to bear and began firing. It was my pride and joy if I can say that. Once word of this epidemic came out I spent all that I had saved up in the bank on survival gear.

Survival Gear... Guns... same difference.

The money was supposed to be for college, but I figured that if I survived this whole fiasco I'd be one of the people running the college. The un-un-dead can't be choosers now can they?

I had a nifty assault rifle, a combat pistol, and some military-grade combat knives. The guns had honest to goodness modern day bayonets fixed on to them. It was pretty cool. Pretty expensive too... but what else was I going to spend cash on?

The door burst open behind me and I spun getting ready to fire, but lowered my guard when I recognized the person whom I trusted most in the world... not that there were that many people to choose from anymore, but it didn't matter. Craig was my friend, comrade, and fellow-nerd. If anyone was going to survive this mess, it would be us.



I shouldered my way through the door and regretted it instantly. An entrance like that would raise Alex's attention, awareness, and paranoia... combine that with a gun... not good.

In this instance however it didn't matter.

If I slowed down to knock, the zombies tailing me would be enjoying a human happy-meal. At least this way I had a chance of survival. Alex spun and raised his gun but lowered it just as quickly.


He started to speak but I cut him off. Not that I was rude or anything but,

"Alex we don't have time, they are right behind me... we gotta split!"

He nodded, picked up the walkie-talkie on the ground, and turned back around. I didn't slow down for a second. I tensed and leapt. I could do that because, as Alex never let me forget, I was short. Alex took a second longer than I did and then we were out of the temporary "house" and running for our lives.


"Now for wrath, now for ruin, and the RED DAWN!" shouted Alex as we sprinted away. Lord of the Rings and Star Wars quotes came to us more easily than mere conventional english. We're nerds. Don't forget that.

I looked over at him and gave him a grin while saying, "You were right about one thing master, the negotiations were short."

I looked at my watch, following a sharp right turn off of main street and found the time to be 10 AM.

Kicked out of our temporary home, chased by flesh eating dead thingers, and two references to the best movies ever...

The morning was off to a great start.

The End

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