Denmen Con

WUHPING!WUHPING!WUHPING!WUHPING!Denmen cracked the bat over and over a fresh corpse of a young woman. His thoughts and mind were lost in the rhythmic sound of the metal bat beating against the pulpified head of the corpse.  Blood spattered on his face seeming to stop him from bringing the bat down once again onto.

"What?" He asked himself confused, dropping the bat which had once been a shining blue bat was now covered in dark blood. Confusion crept all over his face, then pain as he recognized his sisters beaten body," No!" he cried stepping back only to trip over the bat which moments ago had been used to brutally pound her head in. He fell with a loud clunk shaking the small room violently. when could this have happened? He thought to himself trying to remember what happened but he couldn't , his last memory was when he saved her from their undead parents. He shook his head crazily as he pushed himself into the corner.

An hour went by and he still sat in the corner however he was no longer mourning. He stood himself up grabbing the bat in anger placing it across his broad shoulders. As his walked he made his strongest effort not to look back as he closed the door on his sisters dead corpse. The door closed with a defining click signifying the finality of the incident, or so Denmen thought as he made his way down a set of white stairs. That lead past a door that had been barricaded by various house house hold things reinforced by some planks nailed into the wall. Behind the door came a deep moan from those undead things that now ruled the streets with their putrid stench.

Shut your damn mouth!” He yelled slamming the hilt of the bat loudly into the wall the moaning increased, from the door as feeble slamming against the door began,” Bastards...... I will kill them all.” He said simply as a child would when plotting revenge.

Bringing the bat to his side he entered the garage area grabbing a large piece of conduit and a hack saw cutting it up to form plastic arm guards held to his body by duct tape. With the rest of it he made a container that he bolted to a motorcycle he had been building himself at the end of the garage. Packing a few other things he opened the garage door which in his own mind symbolized opening the the gate to hell. Like liquid pouring over a floodgate they came just as he clicked a button electrifying a coil of wire wrapped around the surface of the garage floor. The generator outside moaned as the draw of power maxed its output. A cruel smile crossed his face when the undead monsters burst into flames. He pressed again when they dropped to the ground. The engines of the motorcycle fired echoing deeply in the walls of his home, he shed no tears as he revved the engine heavily dropping a lit match the ground starting a flame that would hopefully bury the dear memories of his family.

The End

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