A Bloody Speed BumpMature

Matthew Hubble glided the car swiftly through the abandoned vehicles on Interstate 10. The monstrous roar constantly erupted  from under the reinforced hud of the vehicle. The eyes of the old man were focused forward. He was not distracted by stray birds in the sky, or the impressive violinists strumming to his immediate right.

However, what caught his attention, and it was caught very forcively, was the group of huddled, blood covered 'humas', one hundred feet from them. Matthew slowed the car to a stop and rose from the driver seat, gun in hand. The German, uncharacteristically careful, lowered the violin onto the back seat. He emerged holding a baseball bat, his weather worn face was stern and muscles tense.

Matthew managed to position himself upon a flipped Land Conqueror Jeep that was nestled against the roads barrier. His eyes, which were surprisingly strong for his age, scanned the freeway around the newest obstacle.  His facial expression suggested slight regret. He signalled his new ally to approach him. "I count fifteen. I have eight shoots in my rifle, which means I might hit six. Add in the time it will take them to get to our position, I will have just reloaded, and that means I am going to be left eating the dirt. Unfortunately there is no way around..."

Instead of replying with words, the ex - MMA fighter pointed in the obstacles direction, and swung his bat. He proceeded to make a splat sound. Matthew grinned and lowered himself from his perch. He casually walked over to the muscle car and, much to Rudolf's surprise, removed the M4AI assault rifle from the bag in the boot. A grin crossed the face of the old man revealing his shark like white teeth. He cocked the gun and snapped the safety off. "Haven't had fun like this since my younger days..."

Rudolf shared the momentary pleasure that Matthew was experiencing as his memories rushed back. The large shouldered German proceeded to huddle down beside the wreck of a family saloon, one of six cars between the enemy and them. He was ready to pounce. Matthew positioned himself on the conqueror once again, this time with both guns. He received a thumbs up from Rudolf, who was ready by the family saloon, with his bat pulled back and ready to swing. He was ten feet in front of the army veteran, in an ideal position for an ambush.

Matthew raised the rifle. He was gazing straight down the metal sight, at the opposite end, was the nearest beast. The dol man whispered softly to himself as he prepared to fire. "For my family, for my friends, for my neighbours, my dead government, my own moral, and most importantly, in vengence for my dear Sarah..."

He squeezed the trigger with a sense of familiarity, much like the way we hug old friends. The gun clicked, the powder ignited, the hammer dented the bullets rear, and it exploded from the gun. Nearly instantly the creature collapsed, fell limp. The others were now alerted to the old man with the weapon. They ran, screaming and moaning. Fresh wounds slowly becoming visable on their faces and torso's.

Matthew pivoted slightly as he picked off three more, and then a forth. He nodded in Rudolf's direction, the German rose and swung. The bat connected with the face of a savage women, she crumbled under the force.

The old man now had the M4AI assault rifle in his hands. He burst shots into the remainding nine creatures. They continued to moan and groan, but picked up the pace. Rudolf clattered a second creature and on the return swing he decapitated a third. A forth launched itself at the seemingly exposed German, but experience kicked in. He dropped onto his knee and swung his tree trunk like leg in an unstoppable arc around to his left, it caught the beast across the back. The spine snapped and echoed momentarily. Rudolf swiftly raised the bat and brought it down on the crippled creatures  head. 'He' never stood a chance, the splat sound was achieved with the fighters freshest move.

Matthew easily picked off the remaining two with shots to the head whilst they were hopelessly clawing at the base of his perch. Matthew proceeded to signal Rudolf with a combination of whistles and hand signs. Together, after the pensioner dismounted from safety, they walked, with Rudolf a step in front. They proceeded to inspect what had held the creatures attention.

Matthew was cautious and raised his shirt above his nose, Rudolf turned around and noticed, he done the same. The creatures seem to have been gathered around the decrepid remains of a young girl. Whatever she looked like before, I can promise you she does not look the same now. Her remains bathed in a pool of her own blood, that was slowly engulfing the soles of the mens shoes. Her face had been torn too shreds, much like paper through a shredder. Parts of her clothes were in tact, but it was impossible to tell what they were made of, or even what colour they had been. The blood had erased her.

Rudolf nearly vomited, but the old man was locked in a gaze with where her eyes had been. He seemed to have become lost in the innocence that was stolen from the world. He dropped the two guns, they splashed in the blood. He felt weak in the knees and fell, landing with his hands in the red liquid. The German was quick to pick Matthew up, but njot before a single tear fell from his right eye. Matthew whispered, as he was now short of breathe, "I need a strong drink..."

The End

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