Anne's ShockMature

Anne's head flipped around wildly as she and her brother entered the city in their large car. Hand's banged on the window, screams filled her eyes and tears brimmed over her eyes.

The town was in complete and utter chaos. 

People were being tossed around the streets like rag dolls, she caught her breath in horror as a mother ripped out her crying baby's jugular, blood pumping out of it's neck. Other's shot at what she thought were innocent by standers, some threw whatever they could. Bullets, vases, handbags, bins. Anything on hand was flying across the street. And within this macabre stood a large Land Rover, the one in which Anne was screeching in.

'Jessie!' She wailed, 'Jessie get me out of here! Drive away! Please! Jessie!' Anne hammered her fists on the dashboard, screaming and shrieking that they leave at once.

But Jessie just sat, frozen, with his hands tight on the wheel. So tight that his hands had turned as a white as snow. Anne realised her racket was drawing people to the tinted windows, and they shouted to be let in their safe haven. 

So she undid her seatbelt, leaned over and slapped her brother hard. His eyes flicked to her and he snapped back to the situation at hand, checking his rear view mirror and reversed swiftly back the way they came.

Anne screeched as someone was thrown on top of their car bonnet. The man clawed a the window, a dull idiotic look on his face. His mouth was sagging and blood dribbled over his lip and he stared at Anne, looking her right in the eye. But at the same time, but was not. He couldn't focus on her properly. 

'Anne, do up your seatbelt!' Jessie barked an order as he sped off down the motorway which was cluttered with an infinite amount of cars. 

Anne's ear's pricked up at the sound of a scream further up the traffic jam. Her eyes widened in fear and she clutched Jessie's hand pathetically. He looked around, alert for any signs of danger. 

This must be serious, Anne thought, if Jessie wouldn't stop to pick up a stray person or help anyone back there. But then again, it's me. I'm his sister. It's his duty to protect me. 

'Anne.' Jessie said calmly.

Anne looked up, eyes wide and frightened. 

'I want you to do everything I tell you to. If I say hide, you hide. Run, you run. Most importantly, if I say that you need to run and hide and don't come back looking for me, you have to do that.' Jessie said, his words swift but clear. 

'Why?' Anne sniffled, 'why? I don't want this to happen! Just take us back to the hotel, we'll be safe there!' 

'No. It wont. You saw that town, we were gone for an hour! We went through that pretty little town an hour ago. Turn on the radio.' Her brother grunted, he looked at her shivering frame and ruffled her hair, smiling at her. 

Anne pressed the power button and jumped at the loud, nasal voice which emitted from the speakers. 

'Warning. This is a Code Red evacuation. A biological terrorist weapon has been dropped.  You must evacuate. The Military Unit in ...' The voice broke off with a crackling noise and Anne hit the radio frantically.

'Where?! Where is it!!?' She snarled. Jessie opened his door, and Anne looked up, alarmed, 'what are you doing?'

'We can't stay here.' He said cooly, 'we can escape the highway through that field. No one else is going that way. Follow me.'

Anne did as she was told.

Oh, Anne thought, I hope he's right....

The End

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