A Most Unlikely MusicianMature

Matthew Hubble sat on the side of his bed. The room slowly filled with a golden light as the sun rose over the horizon and crept in between the beige curtains, that shielded the old man from full exposure to the daylight.

A hand gun was balanced on the palm of his hands, that rested gallantly on his knees. His eyes trained on its barrel. It was a heavy burden on his shoulders. He was low on food, low on hope and drained of life. It was only a matter of time.

Matthew raised the gun with his right hand. His thoughts focused and precise. He turned it to face the side of his head. The light reflected off its recently polished hilt. It reflected onto the picture of his wedding day.

A man stood in a new military uniform whilst beside him an innocent young women smiled brightly in a pure white dress. Her eyes caught Matthews. He sighed. His croaky voice whispered gently. “Your right Sarah. This is no way for a man to end.”

Matthew dropped the gun. It made a thud as it hit the oak floor. He rose and walked over to the decrepit cabinet in the corner. It was locked with a padlock. Matthew unlocked it with a key around his neck.

It clicked as the key rotated into place. He swung the door open. There was three selves. The first at eye level. The second at waist level and the last one was level with the floor.

The top shelf had only a single object. A key. The second shelf had a rucksack full of food. The final shelf had two objects. Both of which were a sight for sore eyes. The M4AI assault rifle and M40AO3 rifle were cuddled together. He, despite his age, managed to strip everything out of the cabinet and carry it out of the room.

He shuffled down the stairs and turned at the bottom. So that his back was to the front door. The kitchen was in his eye line now. He strolled casually towards it and walked through it, paying no attention to its standard white tiles or old family dining table. The side door, to his direct right, led into the garage. He opened it and the muscle car caught his gaze. In his younger years his jaw would have dropped after witnessing such a beast of a vehicle. Now however he glanced at it the same way a photographer looks at a beautiful model.

He opened the boot of the car and put everything inside. He only returned inside the house to get the wedding picture, the music box and his 12 gauge shotgun.

Soon the only sound in the neighbourhood was the roar of the car. It echoed throughout the suburban district. Matthew drove through the empty streets as if he was a man of twenty two, not seventy one. He drove towards the city centre. Soon he would be in the heart of humanities pain.



The German was jogging down the middle of a city street. His tough leg muscles copping well with the strain he put them under. Rudolf could hear the sound erupt from behind him before he could see it. He recognised it. A car. That meant an actual person. Not a creature or a beast. A human. A living human.

Despite not getting on well with people and working better alone. A weight lifted from his gifted shoulders, now that he knew he was not totally alone.

The car blazed down the street towards him. It was no more then sixty feet away when the driver noticed the bulky body of Rudolf.

The car slowed and an old tall man patiently emerged from the black and red car. A gun raised and pointed straight at Rudolf.

The old man shouted, his voice was dry but contained. “Identify yourself stranger.” Rudolf did not hesitate with a response. “I am Rudolf Kerman. Who are you”. A strong German accent was extremely evident and the mans response seemed fair. “I pose no harm to you, if you pose no harm to me.”

Rudolf nodded and the old man let the gun run parallel with his body. “Rudolf walked cautiously towards Matthew. “What is your name sir?” The old man snapped a reply. “I am Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Hubble, retired.”

The German laughed. “If you were not retired, you would be the oldest serving soldier I ever heard of.” Matthew grunted. They were just ten feet from each other now.

Matthew gestured towards the empty seat in his car. His wife would have wanted him to help. Rudolf seemed slightly wary, but was pleased at the chance to rest his feet.

Both men sat down into the car. The vehicle dipped down ever so slightly, under the new weight of pure muscle supplied by the strong European.

Hubble fired up the engine once more. The city was oblivious to the new found friendship. The car weaved its way between the abandoned vehicles and obstacles that blocked the path of the monstrous vehicle. Rudolf impatiently tapped at his cricket bat. “Does the CD player work Colonel?”

Matthew Hubble almost crashed the car. “Oh my days, it has been a long time since someone called me Colonel. Matthew will do and no.”

Rudolf looked slightly disappointed but reached into his rucksack that lay between his legs. He wrapped is hands around a violin and slowly, delicately, withdrew it and took up a playing pose in his seat. Matthew nodded in approval.

The German proceeded to play

Sibelius Violin Concerto in D-minor, much to the old mans joy. A friendship, brought together by chance and kept together not by hope or glue, but by a most unlikely musician…

The End

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