Rough NightMature


Zachary Griffin tipped the bottle up and drained the last tiny drop of beer, then tossed the glass bottle aside, shattering it into a thousand little shards on the cement sidewalk. He stood up, slightly dizzy, and gathered his belongings. He could hear moans in the distance. Time to move indoors. He headed back to the bar he was staying in, which was conveniently located next door to a gun store.

He stepped inside and was greeted by a thunderous groan from one of the creatures crouching on the stairs. Zack swore at it and charged, attacking unarmed. He grabbed the thing on the back of its neck as it charged and missed him, then summoned all his strength to slam it face-first into the wall. Then, he grabbed an empty bottle from the countertop next to him and smashed it in two over the monster's head, knocking it temporarily unconscious. Seconds later, it was coming to its senses, but Zachary had already grabbed a glass shard, which he shoved into the creature's throat several times, then twisted it onto its back and jammed it into the back of the beast's head to sever the spinal cord.

The body went limp, but the head went on trying to snap at Zack, even as the blood poured from the back- and the front- of its neck. Zack finally ended the fight by smashing his undead opponent's head against the floor ten or fifteen times, before dropping down next to it, just outside the pool of blood spreading from the now re-dead corpse.

When he awoke late the next morning, he remembered almost nothing, but grabbed another bottle from the counter and strode outside. About halfway through his drink, he looked down at his beverage and asked himself what, exactly, he thought he was doing, slowly poisoning himself to death. Then, he decided something: either he was really drunk, or he was really tired, but either way, he was sick and tired of living this way. He grabbed all of his belongings and headed over to the gun store.

Time to move on, he thought, to something new.

He walked south or southeast for hours, until at last he came upon a huge structure built from a toppled-over cargo train. There was an engine, one of few cars still upright, in the center, with a group of three empty cargo crates surrounding it and a line of cars extending in either direction from what was obviously meant to be the main part of the structure, and each of the cars had all sorts of random crap stuck to the sides as armor and fencing. Pieces of wood were stuck together and jammed into the ground about three feet out from the structure all around it, and some metal scraps and pieces of other, broken cars were nailed onto the sides of some sections. There were also car doors, hoods and trunk covers in places, as well as other assorted scraps and pieces of junk, all fixed onto the wrecked train in one way or another.

Zack readied his newly-retrieved shotgun and started towards the structure.

The End

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