Car JourneyMature

I looked back at Anne who was sleeping soundly in the back of the car, her mouth parted slightly as she snored gently. I sighed loudly, wanting to fall asleep right there and then. 

But it was only a few more miles back to the hotel Mum and Dad had booked out for us. It was a guilt booking due to their being on a cruise ship for the next three months. They told me it would be sibling bonding time. But I'm no fool, I know it was just to compensate for not inviting us on their little trip.

And thus, Anne and I were stuck in the sweltering heat of Southern America. I don't know why they couldn't have  sent us to somewhere nice like France or Italy. They know perfectly well that Anne despises the heat, as do I. 

'What time is it?' Anne mumbled, I glanced at my car radio.

'Half three.'

'Are we nearly there yet?'


'Good.' Anne sounded more awake now, 'Jessie! There's a man in the middle of the road up ahead!' 

I looked up sharply and the tires screeched in protest as I hit the breaks, 'Anne, stay in the car.' I saw her nod and I opened my car door, 'excuse me?' I called out to the man.

He turned around painfully slowly and looked up at me blankly. I noticed he had unusually pale eyes, and a sickeningly grey undertone to his already pallid skin. He stumbled forwards a few meters and groaned loudly at me. I took several steps backwards, frowning.

'Stupid drunkard.' I tutted, shaking my head as I swung myself back into the Land Rover. The man carried on staggering towards the car, but I started the engine swiftly and veered out of his way. 

'Who was that?' Anne asked timidly, I looked at her in the rear view mirror and smiled. 

'A man who'd one too many beers at the local bar, I suspect.' Anne breathed a sigh of relief. And I turned my concentration back to driving. That man looked awfully... my mind could not find a word to describe his entire being. He was just odd, his looks, his movements, the animalistic tone to his voice. 

I shrugged off the unnecessary thoughts. It was just some drunk, obviously. 

The End

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