It started out with a few isolated cases dotted around America.

The symptoms were identifiable with that of a common cold or flu. The person inflicted with the virus would complain of a sore throat, aching limbs and dizziness. A few hours later, they would develop a fever reaching up to 103 Fahrenheit and suffer from severe bouts of vomiting and mild hallucinations. The fever then reached up to 106 Fahrenheit and the person would have slight paralysis of the lower body. 

Less than ten hours later and they joined the ranks of the undead.

Then it started to spread. The victims still possessed, in effect, human bodies and so didn't harbor any supernatural senses or magnificent strength. However, they always had one sole focus and one sole feeling: hunger. This made it easier for them to identify their prey. 

It didn't take long for people to start panicking when they realized just how serious the situation was. Chaos reigned, nothing was safe and many survivors went into hiding as the dead roamed the streets. Going outside was only for the brave and reckless, according the vast reports on the news. Media coverage lasted only a few weeks, until people decided they wanted to spend the precious time they had with their loved ones. 

A cataclysmic event such as this would always show people for what they truly were. It would strip away all of the built up facades, the false exteriors and display a raw human-being fighting to protect either their loved ones, or themselves. Each person had their own goal.

But it was all about survival.

The End

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