The PlanMature

The captain looked exceedingly pissed when he found his key-card, which made things worse for us. Bruises and teeth marks covered the recruits as they exited the exercise, all of them bitter. A blond recruit walked beside me and whispered "Hey, I heard you're gathering people."

I checked out my two members personalties, they aren't the type to tell... is he working for the instructors? If so, will forcefully removing him cause a large enough distruption to get us all together?

The recruit asked "Hey, you awake?"

Forcing a smile, I said "Yeah... what's your name?"

He immediately replied "Daniel and you're Jeremiah, right?"

That guy almost looks military... if he was, he probably wouldn't be saying his first name in a complex out of habit. Let's see what he drops.

We walked into a bunk room, the instructor yelling instructions to slower recruits. I asked "One question, what did you do before all this?"

He shrugged "Military, 3rd platoon."

An instructor ordered "Jeremiah!"

I quickly made my way to my bunk and collapsed, my body aching. They're gonna tire us out, make sure that we don't try anything... what are they trying to develop, commandos or small teams? Both? Doesn't matter, just gotta piss them of enough to get all of us together, then Ollivia can hit the weapons locker.

Eyes heavy, my world changed. A sergeant walked up to my, screaming in my face. His key-card dangled, crying "Take me Jerry! Come on, it can't be that hard?" My hand grabbed it and the instructors face turned red. Screaming, I turned around and bumped into a North Korean wearing a clown hat. He screamed "Banzai you bastard!" A board appeared and I asked "Banzais a game?"

My eyes opened to the screaming of an instructor. Groggy, I pushed myself out of bed, looking at where my watch used to be. I stood up and found a pair of shoes beside my bed, most of the other recruits putting on boots. What the hell?

I slipped the shoes on and silently walked to the door with little effort. Minutes passed before I sat at a table in the mess hall, facing the other Ollivia and the guy with no name. I really should have checked his gun for his name.

Sighing, I stated "We may have a probl-"

I stopped as Daniel sat at the table, asking "Is it cool if I join in?"

Olivia looked at me as if to say no one is this bad at being a mole. Roy growled "No, it isn't. Take a walk."

Daniel shrugged "That's cool man, cool, just gotta earn my way in, right?"

My eye twitched "Right, just stay on the other side of the mess until I figure something out for you."

Daniel eagerly shook his head and walked to the other side of the mess hall. Roy asked "Who was that?"

My throat tightened. "Let's go to the other table, closer to the kitchen."

We moved two tables away. Realistically, this place was designed by the military, so mics aren't going to be common at the tables, meaning that Daniel may have planted one.

I stated "We're going to have to accelerate the plan."

Olivia asked "What exactly is the plan?"

Roy leaned in. I slowly answered "We're getting the instructors pissed enough to have every recruit gathered in this hall. You and Roy will be in the Med Bay. I'll have a map for you two to get to a weapons locker. Clear this room, deal with Daniel. I'll buy you as much time as I can. Roy, you're getting as many recruits as possible to join us. Ollivia, find a way to get back both of you back into the med bay without drawing suspicion. I'll work on a way for you two to get to the weapons locker. Also, keep causing chaos... sound good?"

Ollivia grinned and nodded. Roy gave an approving grunt. I asked "Alright, Roy, I'm going to toss some food onto you, then you crack my ribs, it'll allow me to get to the med bay... don't worry, they won't punish you for this."

Roy smiled and cracked his knuckles. I flipped my plate over, soaking his T-shirt with soup. We stood up and he delivered a hard punch to my stomach, knocking me to the floor. I hit the ground, dazed. An instructor pulled me to my feet and panicked, hearing a sickening crack. The Captain screamed with a hint of pleasure "What is the matter with you soldier?!"

My feet dragged along the floor and I felt cold steel touch my back. A sharp sensation flowed through my arm and my eyes shut. A voice said "I'll need to keep him here until he wakes up."

Loud feet thudded out of the room. I slowly opened one eye and saw a doctor walk away, sitting at a computer behind me. Three cameras... that's it?

I slid of the bed, silently landing on the floor in a prone position. Crawling, I crouched behind the doctor and slipped an emergency anesthetic needle out of his pocket. The needle pressed into his neck and he instantly slumped onto his keyboard, breathing silently. My hand grabbed the mouse, checking his e-mail. One caught my eye. To everyone, I find it extremely embarrising that cards keep disappearing! If this continues, then they may get into the weapons locker!!! In case of this, the ammo has been moved to a secure storage bin and for the love of god, you need your retinals as well to bypass both so don't ask! The password for the locker room is 98321 and the weapons locker is 34211. Your key cards are necessary as well...

A wide grin crossed my face. I grabbed a vial and filled the needle back up again, slipping it into the doctors coat. My hand moved his head onto the keyboard, closing the message bar. Carefully, I avoided the cameras and opened the door, walking into the hallway. My eyes scanned for cameras and eventually, I stumbled onto both the locker room and the weapons locker. I walked back to the med bay and drew a map, detailing all of the cameras blind spots, along with both rooms passwords. Just a little more and we're out of here.


The End

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