"Everyone, line up at the door, ten seconds!" An instructor growled aloud. 

Trays smashed and clattered in a messy symphony as recruits scattered to line up at the door. The instructor began shouting again. "From now on, whenever an instructor asks you to do something...keep quiet! Follow me!" The man turned on his heels in a tight about face and strutted away. I was last in the line of shuffling feet and quiet grumbles. The line moved for a while taking a left turn here and a right turn there. My eyes flicked around, no cameras, no guards...the pain in my ribs interrupting my thoughts. Wait...I can use that to my advantage. As all the recruits entered the room, I collapsed to the floor. Flesh hitting concrete with a sicking noise. My face relaxed as though I had passed out. 

"Damn it!" the instructor spat and walked casually by my side. A toe of his boot prodded my arm and a hand pressed to my throat. He breathed out, silent curses passing his lips. His arms wrapped around me, lifting me into the air. His footsteps echoed loudly, synced like a metronome. It was about 4 minutes later when he stopped and a door hissed open. I fluttered my eyes, giving the illusion I was just waking. I let my hand fall, carefully retrieving the captain's key card. It could come in handy. Another presence moved to us, the doctor. I opened my eyes as the two conversed. 

"She just collapsed," he barked "fix her and get her back to the training room! Now Doctor." The instructor dumped me into a chair and promptly left the room. I flashed an unnoticeable glare at where the instructor had been. The doctor cleared his throat, grabbing my attention.

"Something I can do for you, Sgt. Desoto? You should have been feeling better..." there was a heavy weight of suspicion in his voice. I lowered my head, faking sadness.

"Didn't eat much," I mumbled. I could her the doctor groan and shake his head. 

"I'll get you something to help that, stay here!" His white lab coat fluttered as the doctor turned and flashed his card to the door. A small green LED blinked and the door's lock clicked open. I scowled, What would Brandworth want me to do...he said to piss them off and not get caught. Fine, I can do that. With no one in the room, I crept to the door and pressed my ear to its metal surface. I knew that it would probably be sound proof, but victory favors the prepared. After waiting a few precious moments I flashed the card over the simple scanner, there was a hesitation from the machine. Sharply, my breath caught in my throat. As if teasing me, the light winked green. Stupid security measures. 

The door eased open and I took a quick look left then right. All clear. I moved through the hallway, easing my feet to the ground every step. Each door was labeled, some were examination others medicine storage. One door was open and my got the better of me. A grin spread on my face, the unconscious instructor was resting silently on an exam table. His heart monitors constant beep meshed with other flickering lights and gages. Moving further into the room I noticed a collection of vials and syringes. None were very potent, many just immune system enhancers and regenerative serums. One name jumped out at me, Pentothal. I picked up the vial and pressed a syringe into it, withdrawing the anesthesia medication. My hand shook slightly as I held the syringe, the needle hovering over his vein. 

"You..." a heavy voice said, surprised. My eyes turned over my shoulder. The army soldier from earlier stood there, leaning on the doorway. His eyes were glazed and dull, probably medication. "Names Smith." I turned back to the instructor and shoved the needle in, pumping the drug into him. 

"Olivia." I shot back. "Get out of here, now. The doctor will be back any second. Find Brandworth, I'll meet up with you." Removing the syringe, I hid it behind a cabinet. "Go," I growled pushing him to the waiting room door. Footsteps rapped on the marble floor. SHIT! I shoved Smith through the door, pushing the security card into his hand. 

"RUN!" Still a bit drowsy from the drugs, Smith left the medical waiting room. My heart thundered in my chest as I turned around, still on my feet. The doctor's eyes met mine, a tense silence choking the room. Did he see us? 

The End

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