People were scuffling, moving out of the mess hall. I leaned in close to Olivia and quietly asked "We need havoc. I want you doing whatever you can to piss these guys of, preferably without getting caught."

Olivia frowned "What's different about hi-"

"He's eager and tough, the crowd will respond more positively to a male opposition... no offence Olivia."

I could've sworn she rolled her eyes when they momentarily closed. An instructor yelled "Everyone, line up at the door, ten seconds!"

Trays were dropped back onto tables and I lined up with the recruits at the door. The instructor yelled "Alright, from now on, whenever an instructor asks you to do something keep quiet! Follow me everyone!"

Feet shuffled down the hallway as we followed in a line for half a minute. We walked through a door and into a classroom. Recruits started sitting down in desks and I quickly copied. The instructor came into view at the front of the room, a white, green eyes man with a wall of glass between him and us. He clasped his hands behind his back and stated "My name is Michael and I'll be your master teacher. The rest of the instructors will give you help as needed."

Michael touched the glass and images appeared, many of them showing up on the surface of our desks. He continued "This is your tactical training class, as specified to each of your individual strengths, each of you will be receiving seperate information. Apply what you learn here as after this lesson all of you will be up against the instructors in a CQC environment. Your objective will be simple enough-grab a datapad on their side and bring it back to your side. Now..." Michael went on with some insanely basic tactics. I put a hand on the side of my forehead and tried something I hadn't done since High School-sleeping with my eyes open. An hour and my mind wandered. A burly man put a gun against her head and snarled. I growled "Hey! The only thing keeping me and her apart are the two minutes it's gonna take to kick your ass." He laughed "Mr. Bond, surely you know that I'm only protecting myself, not my golden running shoes!" Two large golden running shoes appeared on his feet and mouths appeared, pleeing "Please mister BRANDWORTH!"

I blinked and realized I was flying out of my desk. Twisting, I barely managed to land feet first. What the hell just happened? 

The Captain appeared in front of me, screaming something incomprehensible. My head really hurts.... did that ass just punch me?

A kick slammed into my chest and I suddenly felt compelled to listen to the prick. He screamed "EAT YOUR ASS IN THE COURSE!"

Did he just sa- aahh, I probably missed a letter while I wasn't listening.

I grinned "Sorry sir, I didn't know that you liked ass."

He looked disgusted and stated "Brandworth, obviously you didn't hear that we've switched to attack dogs for the course." Another foot landed on my stomach, knocking the air out.

My heart sank. Every time, every time I get caught, it's those damn dogs!

The Captain yelled "Jerry and Lance, we're getting the dogs. Every other instructor will set the course up."

At least you won't be able to get anywhere without your card Captain, should buy us some time to strategize.

The End

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