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I stepped through the door and into the medical wing. A few seconds I realized that Brandworth hadn't followed, shit! 

"Who are you?" a gruff old doctor barked at me. I gave him the best salute I could with my busted ribs. 

"Segeant Desoto, I have a few busted ribs, sir." The doctor snarled and grabbed my shoulder wrenching me into the nearest exam room. I pulled my shirt to the side, displaying a large black and blue bruise stretching up my side. My eyes flicked to his collar and recognised a First Sergeant insignia. The first Sergeant murmered angrily to himself and walked to an all metal cabinet. He removed some gauze and a syringe filled with an amber liquid. In a few moments. My lower torso up to my ribs was wrapped tightly in gauze. The pressure caused me to wheeze, every nerve around the broken bone firing electricity.  

"This serum will speed up the healing process, you should be fine in a day or two. " The needle jabbed into my shoulder then just as rapidly disappeared. "Now get out of here." I spun on my heals and walked out, what time is it? Time for chow? Walking out of the med-wing, I noticed the rest of the worn and weary recruits. They all shifted forward like zombies, their heads hung and feet dragging. All except for one.   I fell in line behind him, following the group into the abandoned cafeteria and grabbing our food. It reminded me too much of high school food, beaten dead right before eating. Everyone occupied a table except for a single circular table with only one man seated and eating. Brandworth. Carefully I made my way over to him and sat. He didn't even glance up from his tray as he spoke in a soft whisper. 

"There's one more, just eat and avoid attention." I followed his instructions, repulsed at the taste of the food each time I took a bite. A few moments later a voice sounded next to our table.  

"Florida," he said. 

"Oranges," I replied suspiciously. Everyone seemed to calm after the quick friendly check. Brandworth swallowed a mouthful of food and spoke in a hushed tone. 


"I've got a plan to make things a little more lively around here.  It's got some risk, but it might be fun," Brandworth said, his eyes flicking around the room. The newcomer, an army soldier, quickly spoke. 

"Want to share?  I'm game for making this dreary place more interesting." I think it's interesting enough, I thought pressing a hand to my ribs. Brandworth chuckled. 

"We won't want to stick around long after we start this plan.  Everything's gonna go to hell, and I'm goin' anywhere but here." 

"Sign me up," The soldier said. 


Brandworth took a quick bite of food and looked at the soldier.

"You look like a pretty strong guy.  These instructors keep pushing everyone around, and it's bothering the others.  They might join us if they see that these guys ain't so tough."  The soldier turned his head to catch sight of an instructor. We're starting here?! Open rebellion would get us killed. 

"I can do that," he said, getting up, taking his tray full of food with him, towards the instructor.  The instructor exited the line and ran right into the soldier spilling both their trays across the instructors crisp camouflage fatigues. 

"What the fuck?!" he yelled and swung at the soldier.  Army moved his head so it was more of a minor impact, the noise reverberating off the walls. Army gave him a right all the way from the floor, following up with a couple punches to his chest.  It turned into an all out brawl. Recruits that had once been dead cheered, instructors freaked tearing at the two. When the masses had parted all that was left  was the two bloodied men, one on the ground the other kneeling and spitting blood onto the tile floor.  Douglas suddenly appeared behind the soldier, landing a heavy fist into the back of his head. Army fell, unconscious before he hit the ground.

"IF ANY OF YOU FUCKERS PULL A STUNT LIKE THAT, I WILL NOT HESITATE TO KILL YOU. HE," Douglas pointed to the soldier "IS LUCKY. HE'S AN EXAMPLE!" a group of instructors carried the two away. I can just see this going horribly wrong. Brandworth sensed my worry. 

"You can still back out." He commented coldly. I scowled.

"No, I'm in! I just hope you know what you're doing." 

The End

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