All in the ExecutionMature

Having finished training for the morning, we were dismissed to lunch.  I looked around and found the table the guy from the firing range was sitting it.  He was sitting next to a Marine who appeared to be hurting a little.  I walked over and sat down across from them.  Their conversation stopped as I drew near, and they just stared at me.  We let the silence continue for several minutes.

Finally I said, "Florida."

"Oranges," was the reply from the Marine.  We all relaxed slightly and began talking.

"I've got a plan to make things a little more lively around here.  It's got some risk, but it might be fun," said the Spook.

Looking at him, I replied, "Want to share?  I'm game for making this dreary place more interesting."

With a small chuckle, he said, "We won't want to stick around long after we start this little plan.  Everything's gonna go to hell, and I'm goin' anywhere but here."

"Sign me up," I said.

Thinking for a moment, the agent looked at me and said, "You look like a pretty strong guy.  These instructors keep pushing everyone around, and it's bothering the others.  They might join us if they see that these guys ain't so tough."  I looked around for a moment and spotted one of the instructors getting some food.

"I can do that," I said, getting up and taking my tray full of food towards the instructor.  As he exited the line, I bumped into him and spilled both his tray and mine all over his chest.

"What the fuck?!" he yelled and swung at me.  I moved my head so it was a more minor impact, but it still hurt like hell.  And now it was my turn.  I gave him a right all the way from the floor, following up with a couple punches to his chest.  It turned into an all out brawl, but by the time it was over, he was laying on the floor and I felt like I had gotten hit with a steel I-beam.

The End

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