She entered the infirmary and I turned around, grinning. Damn, they won't know what hit them. 

My feet silently hit the floor as I walked back towards the training room. This doesn't look like it was originally built as a training facility. If that's the case, then my conversation with her shouldn't have been recorded. Mics shouldn't be much of an issue, sound carries too much across these walls they're so dense. 

I opened the door to the training room back up and started doing push ups with a group to avoid attention. Looking around, my gaze caught a burly soldier at the firing range with a hidden look of loathing on his face. Everyone else seems to be falling in line for now... worth a shot.

The Captain walked into my peripheral vision and behind me. Shit, he's inspecting and the chance of him being pissed that I'm not with her is high.

Sighing, I glanced behind me and waited till he came across a particularly unfit recruit who was falling behind. The captain kneeled beside the recruit and started screaming in his ear. My body somersaulted out of the row of recruits and I sprinted towards the wall, kicking of and vaulting. I crouched behind the wall and peeked around. The captain was now yelling at another recruit. Grinning, I sprinted towards the firing range and slowed to a stop in front of the ranges pissed instructor. He yelled "What are you doing here?!"

Blinking, I forced myself to look anywheres at his face but his eyes. Swallowing, I straightened up and quickly answered "I completed every course and was told to move onto this one sir!"

A small smirk crossed the instructors thin face. He demanded "Are you obeying the chain of command now spook?!"

If he knows my face, they probably know everyone else of by heart, maybe even our files. "Sir yes sir!

He ordered "There are five empty spots on the range, pick one!"

Carefully controlling my face, I jogged past him and took a spot next to a burly soldier with a machine gun. He looked sullen, firing blank rounds with a target lighting up where he hit.The stock rocked with each impact, shells flying out. The instructor yelled "familiarize yourself!"

An un-naturally short M-4 landed beside me. Feeling the weapon, I grabbed the pin in the middle of the stock and snapped it open. That's why, the barrel is built into the stock. Weird, no ejection point for shells. 

Leaning over to the man firing the machine gun like mad, I said just loud enough for him to hear "Flash."

His gun kept firing and after a few moments he answered "Thunder."

Sweet, he remembers what the marines used to say for friend or foe indicators. 

I continued "Lunch, our table."

Aiming down my sight, I noticed white letters on the side, J. Brandworth, ISSC M-4

My weapon dropped and I felt a flash of annoyance. I stealthily walked behind the instructor, put the Captains key card into his pocket. Silently, I left the range and blended in with a group of running traines, the instructor running on the other side. 

The captain is obviously the alpha male here, so if he dies and a few other major things happen, disorder should be relatively quick. Next step should be to knock out a guard, that will help show the recruits that they aren't invincible. 

The End

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