My head swam and my ears wouldn't stop ringing. Everything looked dark and something was holding me to what felt like a bed. A voice asked "What is your name?"

Biting my lip, I answered "Jeremiah Brandworth."

Female voice, she's likely going to pay more attention to my facial expressions. My hands felt a cold resistance, same with my feet. The voice asked "Do you know where you are?"

My face re-arranged into a mock look of confusion as I said "A North Korean Sub base, wow, your accents good." Slowly, a painful needle entered my left wrist. I yelled in fake surprise and heard a shallow echo. Small room, likely more then two people. One doctor and a few MPs with an interrogation expert. 

The voice chuckled "Tell me, how could a CIA agent trained against interrogation, possibly find pain in a needle?"

Quiet feet un-consciously shifted on the ground, more alert. That's about four hostiles, maybe five depending on the doctor. I don't think they would have found my equipment, need to be careful. 

Blurry vision came back, showing a room with three guards, a doctor and one interrogator. The interrogator gently stated "I am not working for the Korean go-"

"I know, I'm under ground in a secret base and I've been taken against my will. You are working for the US military and to be honest you don't deserve my attention."

She blinked "I don't deserve your attention?"

Blood started rushing to my face is she this dim? "My vision has returned so you aren't after information and the doctor isn't military so I assume I'm a part of some testing program. Your rank is far to low to be a permanent part of my testing Sergeant, so I want to meet your superior." 

My vision returned and my ears stopped ringing. She forcefully smiled and typed a message on a laptop, saying "The CIA sent you here for training."

She isn't lying and none of her men have blinked. How is that the truth? A minute passed before a tall man bearing the rank Captain walked into the room, asking "Is he ready yet?"

My eyes narrowed. He carries himself like an alpha male, if I fall in line, there won't be any problems. She answered "Yes sir."

He grinned "Good, get the restraints of. I'll escort him to training myself."

Guards aimed shock tazers at me. The restraints came of and I stood up, watching the guards aim. They look so... slow.

I walked to the captain and he turned around. Minutes passed as we walked through the complex two guards following. The captain stopped and opened a door, showing twenty people running through obstacles, using firearms with blank rounds or getting destroyed by instructors in hand to hand. Grinning, I slipped the Captains key-card out of his pocket as I passed. Turning around, I scratched my cheek with my middle finger. To my delight, the Captain didn't seem to notice, he just ordered "Firing range, now."

If I can find a sergeant and slip him the card then let the false info slip... that should help divide them. That won't be enough, gotta find more ways to get these guards pissed at each other.

My gaze centered on everyone tossed into the program. At least one of these sorry bastards will help me. 

The End

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