Let's do what he says...Mature

All of the assembled "volunteers" were glancing around, waiting for someone to answer their questions.  Finally the door opened silently, and a tall, hard looking man walked in.  He stopped in the middle of the room as we crowded around him.

"I am Captain Douglas.  You are now the property of the Project X.  You were the best of the best.  You are now better.  I'm sure that you have noticed by now that you are stronger, faster, and smarter.  Now, I can't get into all of the specifics of the process, but the modifications have made you killing machines.  You each have specialized skills which will be put to work for the United States of America.  Are there any questions?" said the man.

One of the men next to me stepped forward and said, "I didn't want these modifications, hell, I didn't even want to be in the military, but I got drafted.  What gives you the right to do this to us?"

"Well, the President of the most powerful country in the world said that specific soldiers were to be improved upon.  You were one of them, as were each of the people behind you.  If you think you've been mistreated..." said Douglas.

"That was rhetorical you idiot.  You can't possibly explain this to us so that we will agree with it.  I think maybe I ought to use those increased abilities to stomp the shit out of you!" said the man as he stepped forward.  He took a swing at Douglas, who stepped to the side with inhuman speed.  He hit the man once in the spine near his neck.  The man fell to the ground, breaking his nose on the floor.

"I would say that gives me the right to do whatever the hell I want to, wouldn't all of you?" said Douglas, motioning to the rest of us.  We all nodded in agreement, staring at the body on the floor.

"Good.  Now go back to your quarters.  Training begins tomorrow at 0430.  Don't be late, or you'll end up like him."

The End

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