One More SurvivedMature


"Wake up....WAKE UP!" The voice was harsh and rang in my head as my eye lids began to flutter open. The room was appeared to have it's lights dimmed as my vision returned.I kept blinking, trying to clear the blur, yet it lingered as I tried to discern to the surroundings. 

"I can't see," I murmured, feeling that someone had redressed me in my camouflage fatigues. Silence. I tried moving my arms but found that they were bound behind the back of the chair I was in. 

"You will answer the questions I ask, is that understood?" The voice was being scrambled and it's pitch modified. It would be impossible to tell who the voice belonged to. 

"Where am I, what did you do to me?" My throat was dry and my tongue felt like sandpaper, what had they done to me?

"Everything will be explained in time. First, our questions. What is your name, rank, and branch of service?" I thought hard, raking my mind for the answers. A throbbing headache pounded behind my eyes like a drum. 

"Olivia Desoto, Sergeant, United States Marine Corps." I tugged against my restraints, the cold metal bit back into my skin.

"Where were you born?"

"Hell, Michigan." I smirked at the name, whoever had named that place sure had a sense of humor. Looking back up a dark figure approached, skewed by my vision. Two of their fingers pressed against the vein in my neck. Their skin's icy touch caused my to flinch as the mystery person checked my pulse. 

He said, "Blood Pressure is 90/60, breathing is normal, memory is normal-" 

"I still cannot see!" I protested. With a sigh, the man tilted back the chair and tapped my right shoulder. A sharp pinch drew my attention to the needle now in my arm. After a few seconds, he withdrew the instrument and instructed me to blink until my vision cleared. I did and after about two minutes the world grew crystal clear. Everything seemed sharper, more defined than I ever remembered. The captain who I had met earlier gave me a quick grin. 

"Better?" he asked, I nodded. "Good, let me undo these restraints and I'll take you to meet the others. Your one of the last to wake up..." he seemed to hesitate before adding in a whisper "alive." The metal shackles jingled as he removed them, rubbing my wrists I stood and instantly was confused. Earlier I remembered being at eye level with the captain but now I stood at least two to three inches taller. 

"You never told me what they did to me," I reminded him. The captain just shook his head and motioned me to the now open door. Walking down the hallway felt awkward with my new height, my legs acting like rubber. 

"Here we are, I promise everything will be explained in time. Just take solace that you will be helping the great U.S.A into a new era." I stepped into the room, the door shutting behind me. A group of only about ten or twelve people all turned to stare at me. All of their uniforms ranged through different branches, some only wearing fatigues while others wore suits and ties. Some smiled, others just grimaced but we all shared one thing...Questions. 

The End

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