My eyes scanned the inside of the base. Marines, not MPs, stood by doorways with armour and sub-machine guns, their eyes tracking me. The commander stopped by a steel door. He punched a code into the lock and the door opened, revealing a small room with a table. A lingering smell of hospital stiffened me as I realized that this is an interrogation room and that there was a reason why someone as qualified as me was sent here. I swore the commander hid a grin as he asked "Are you claustrophobic?"

Time seemed non-existent. Shrugging, I casually said "Na, I'm just curious as to why I'm going in here."

Clothing rustled behind me and a few boots hit the floor as lightly as possible. Shadows of men grew longer by my feet, carrying guns. I looked at the commander and realized he didn't have a weapon in case I tried something. He stated "This is where I was ordered to bring y-"

The arm of a mans shadow came into view. I crouched, spun around and realized he was carrying a shock tazer. My heart quickened as I slapped his gun up and punched his throat. His tazer discharged and my left hand grabbed his sub machine gun strap, ripping the gun of his shoulder. I fell backwards onto the floor and pulled the trigger, receiving a click.

A marine behind me slammed a baton into my forehead and my world swam. Two hands grabbed my shoulders and dragged me into the room.

The End

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