The RecoveryMature

I woke up in a room with bright lights.  Everything was blurry, and I could barely see.  The last thing I remembered, people were sticking needles in my arms.  I tried to move my arms and legs, but they were strapped to the table.  Looking to my left, I saw a figure walking towards me.

The figure stopped and said, "State you name and rank."

"I can't see.  What did you do to me?" I said.

He repeated, "State your name and rank."

"Private First Class Roy Smith," I replied.

"Tell me about yourself, soldier," the voice ordered.  I started to talk about school and joining the military.  After a few minutes, he stopped me.

"That's enough," he told me, then said to someone else, "Remove the bonds and take him to a recovery room.  At least he's not another washout."

"Why can't I see?" I asked again.

"Your vision and strength will return over time.  It is common side effect of the process.  You'll also get migraines and flu like symptoms.  A minor inconvenience for the benefits gained."

Two people guided me down a hallway to another room.  It was darker than the previous one.  One of them stuck a needle in my arm and then left.

The other one said, "That was a sedative.  You should feel better in the morning."   At about that time I blacked out.

The End

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