The ProcessMature


"This way Ms. Desoto," a young captain said, his voice devoid of emotion. Everything we passed in the underground facility was white; the ceilings, the floors, even the coats the doctors wore. I winced at the thought of doctors, everyone I had ever met was cruel or untrustworthy.

"It's Sergeant Desoto, sir." My voice was just barely audible. I was taken straight off the list for over seas deployment and flown to this underground facility. Everyone was tight lipped and wary.  

There had been others with me, but all were taken into separate rooms till I was the only one left. I don't know how long I sat in the interrogation style room waiting. When the captain came in he gave no indication for where I was going. All I knew was that this Project X, was supposed to take the best and make them better. The short captain stopped before a door on our right, it had no plaques or identifying markers. Everything in this place was secretive. 

He knocked three times then pushed the door in, as I followed my thoughts grew confused. The room was painted a dull tan colour but looked just like a examination room used by civilians. The only item that looked a bit out of place was the examination table, it was made of pure stainless steel and had no fabric covering it. I raised an eyebrow but entered quietly and stood in the corner.

"Sergeant Desoto," he drawled my name seriously "The doctors will be here momentarily. After I leave the room, you must put on that." The captain pointed to a black, two piece style bathing suit. More oddities, what the hell is this program going to do? "Just relax, everything is going to be fine." With a quick, faked smile the captain left the room and shut the door behind him. Following orders, I undressed, leaving my desert camouflage fatigues in a neatly folded pile. After donning the black bathing suit I replaced my dog tags back around my neck.

Minutes ticked by, there was no clock in the room making every second crawl. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a mirror, my reflection staring back at me. Standing 5'10", I wasn't the tallest person ever but I came eye to eye with many of my old squad mates. I was lean but muscular with short blonde hair and lightly tanned skin. The only thing that distinguished me from the average person besides my military and sniper experience was my eyes. My left eye was green and my right was blue. When I entered the military I learned it was due to Heterochromia Iridium, an eye condition that causes a person to have two eye colors. 

The door behind me opened with a slight creek, I turned away from the mirror to meet the doctors. Four of them entered, all looking like they were prepped for surgery. Each wore small masks that covered their nose and mouth. The room suddenly felt ice cold making my skin feel prickly and the hair on the back of my neck to stand up. One of the doctors, stepped forward.

"Sergeant Olivia Lance Desoto, I need you to lay on this table please. We're going to begin the...process.

"Process?" I rolled the word over my tongue, finding a bitter taste to it. The doctor nodded and motioned to the table. Reluctantly, I laid on the table, flinching from it's icy chill. Suddenly, my wrists and ankles were bound to the table. My eyes flicked wildly around the room, my heart rate skyrocketing.

"Hold still, you're going to be here a while Sergeant." I could picture the man grinning behind the mask, his chocolate brown eyes burning into mine. Needles pushed into my veins setting my skin on fire. I bit my lip as the pain spread to from my arms to the rest of my body. The room began to wobble like a top, growing hazy with the bright fluorescent light.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine." Another voice, a female, spoke softly as my mind faded into unconsciousness.

The End

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