A rough hand shook my shoulder. I rubbed my sleepy eyes and muttered "We there?"

"Yes sir" answered sergeant Bravier.

A sigh escaped my lips "So, is the commanding officer a hard ass?"

"Uhh, sir?"

My eyes opened to see my door open and the sergeant standing beside the door, saluting with his right hand. I crawled out of the limo and mumbled "Just trying to learn a few things. Is that the commanding officer behind you?"

A man walked behind the sergeant fifty meters away. Bravier shrugged "Not sure, I've never been here before sir... haven't driven a spook before either. No offence, sir."

My eyes narrowed "Alright, I won't take offence as long as you don't talk about me to superiors, okay?"

Confused, the sergeant merely nodded. The commanding officer closed the gap and stepped beside the sergeant. He looked at me and growled "While you are here, you will obey any and all orders. Is that understood?"

I quickly nodded with my fingers crossed. He continued "They've told me that you're bright... personally, I'm not so sure why they've sent a damn spook of all people onto this project. If it were up to m-"

I hastily interrupted "Why isn't the commander of this base greeting me?"

The commanders cheek flushed slightly and his brow furrowed. He angrily stated "You will not interrupt me again, is that understood?"

I quickly nodded like an eager child. He growled "This is NOT a- a CIA playhouse, you will follow the chain of command!"

My eyes rolled, attracting his attention while my left hand, near my waist, held a middle finger up. The sergeant barely hid a grin. I patted the commanders shoulder and laughed "I'm technically a civilian, remember? I've never had to sign a contract like yours. Now, take me to your leader."

Obviously, he had never had anyone talk to him like this on base. His cheeks flushed while his hands clenched hard. The sergeant stated "Sorry sirs, but Special Agent Brandworth was supposed to be inside the complex eight minutes ago."

Chuckling, I pointed at what seemed to be an oddly flat and perfect spot in the desert. The commander sighed and started to lead me to that spot. Smiling, I asked "So, ya have a name?"

With reluctance, he spat "2nd lieutenant Craven." 

All my surveillance equipments hidden nicely, along with a few distractions. Really though, a military base? What the hell is the CIA thinking, sending someone from my branch here? 

The End

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