In a furtutistic America, people are being 'volenteered' by the goverment to undergo experimentation. These subjects become supersoldier recruits and are being trained for the next generation of warfare. Unfortunately for America, these recruits grow tired of their captors and escape. This is their story.

The year is 2023, America is no longer a capitalist deomcracy. Years of corruption within political parties has lead the once free country to become a dictatorship. Under a new government project by Dictator Mark Lynch, men and women from differnt federal backgrounds are being 'volenteered' for an experiment known only as PROJECT X. No one knows what the project is or does, only that it is supposed to set America far ahead of the world in preparation for a new type of war.

These people are then taken to a secret governemnt facility housed under the Nevada desert, where the experimentation process begins. Their new enhancements make them faster and stronger than a normal human, plus they gain the ability of exceptional reaction times. The latest pool of volenteers having been brought in only a week previous. Those who survive the enhancement process will earn the title of Supersoldier....

The End

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