The FightMature

So today is the big day.

Whether we die or not we are a team. Those of us that are left anyway.

We walked into the arena amidst the cheers of the crowd and took up our positions. We had rehearsed a battle plan yesterday and I hoped to God that it would work. Our challengers entered and each group took up it's own spot. The countdown began and as the crowd chanted "3-2-1!" I looked at my teammates and gave them each a nod.

As soon as the word "Go!" was uttered we moved out.Well... Apex did anyways. He flashed into the middle of one group and created a huge explosion then flashed right back to us. Then Arianne and Lorrie did their stuff. They used their mind powers to speak into the minds of the opposing team and act as a conscience of sorts. This is what we had them rehearse.

"Was that the other team? We're supposed to be working together! Those bastards! Go get them!"

It seemed to be working. The confused team members began to glare at their teammates who were standing awestruck at what had happened. The confused team hurled itself at its teammates and the two began to to tear each other apart. Kobish must have been watching this battle and for some reason didn't want us to succeed because his slimy voice echoed over the loudspeakers.

"They are playing you against each other! Fight Area 50 you idiots!"

He may have caught on fast but he wasn't fast enough to prevent three deaths. One from the confused team and 2 from the other. Then the real fight began. Lorrie used her telekinesis to trip the other fighters up and give us an advantage. Apex and I dropped two of them before they hit us. He was concentrating as hard as he could on creating icicles which I was then force hurling at the opposing team. Then they were on us.

I received a punch in the stomach and was thrown backwards. The guy who got me leaned over and his hand lit up. A flaming fist flew towards my face and I closed my eyes. A few seconds later and there was still no extra crispy Visp smell in the air. My attacker was hovering in the air with Lorrie punching his face repeatedly. She gave me a wink and resumed beating the unlucky kid she was holding.

Arianne leapt over me began taking on an opposing girl mano a mano. She broke free and started to run but Arianne stuck out her hand and time froze her. I stood up and took on a kid going for Apex's unprotected back. I made a pinching gesture and chocked the life out of him.

I received a slash across my chest by some wolverine looking guy and force threw him into the ceiling not waiting to see him fall to his death. Apex was looking a bit harried as well. Most of the opponents were focusing on him. One of them broke past me and went for the girls. I turned to take him on but the two of them had it covered. Arianne's weird blank-out power stopped the guy in his tracks and then Lorrie used her telekinesis to snap the guy's neck.

I felt someone grab me and I began to squirm but stopped as the familiar voice of Apex grunted "Stop it's me!" There was a flash and then we were suddenly on the opposite side of the arena. Apex disappeared and went back for the girls and just as suddenly was standing next to me with the two of them behind us.The girls looked pretty much un-harmed but Apex was sporting a nasty cut on his arm and there was a bruise on his face. We were both limping.

There were still four of them left. At the beginning of the match We could have handled them easily but now Apex and I were about drained. We couldn't keep this up for much longer.

Then I had an idea.

"Apex!" I shouted as the remaining enemies turned around to charge back at us. He looked at me worried not only about himself but the girls as well. I gave him a grin and said one word.


He grinned wearily too and nodded. "It's now or never." Apex said. "If we can't stop them now then we're done. I can't do this much longer."

He closed his eyes and stuck out his hand. I anticipated the movement and stuck my own hand out as well. The spark that signified his explosion was trapped inside it.It grew until it filled the force ball I was barely holding under my control. With the last of my will and strength I threw the ball at the approaching four.

The lead figure was hit with the force ball and he was engulfed in the following explosion.

Two of them were still left.

I collapsed, drained of my energy and I could see Apex sinking to his knees as well. Arianne and Lorrie stepped forward dropping into ready stances.

One kid dropped to his grabbing his head and screaming. Lorrie took the other one by surprise by pulling him forward into her waiting fist. She ducked a punch and spun, bringing her foot around into the guy's chest. Arianne helped double-team with Lorrie and their opponent had no chance.

The crowd started cheering and I felt someone lift me from the ground and put me on a stretcher. I hurt. But my thoughts could only dwell on one thing.

We won.

The End

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