All for One. But who is the one?Mature

The fact that we would have to fight together pretty much demanded a make up with Lorrie. I didn't do make ups well. For one: They involved a lot of crying. For two: They took up a lot of time that I didn't want to spend. After the explosion in Apex's room we decided to break for lunch and began team training. Which meant that I'd have to approach her and talk to her sometime before that. As much as I didn't want to make up, I didn't want to die as a result of a pointless vendetta.

After I ate I went to Lorrie's room and knocked on the door. A muffled "Come in." sounded from within and I entered the room, resolving to make this as quick and painless as possible.

"Listen Lorrie." I started before she had even turned around. "I'm sorry for holding a grudge against you for something that may or may not have been your fault or intention. I had no right to get jealous, and I apologize for being mean and rude. I hope we can work together and get out of this place." I turned to go but before I could make it out the door shut. Telekinesis.

"Visp... I really didn't mean to hurt you. I... I'm sorry too."

Uh oh. Things were starting to get to the weep zone. "Hey, no problem." I said. "I need to talk with Apex so... see ya." And I split.

That was a close one.

I went downstairs and straight to the training room where I could hear Apex warming up.

"Hey." I said casually. "Want to do a quick warm up fight?" Apex smiled and nodded. We took opposite ends of the training room and began to lightly go after each other. It was fun, refreshing, and a little tiring. We ended the session by shaking hands.

"You're getting better with your ice power Apex. You almost had me a few times." I complemented.

"Thanks! I loved how you threw my explosion back at me... how did you do that?"

I smiled "I trapped it in a ball of force and was able to swing it around... I didn't think it would work when I tried it."

Apex laughed "It definitely worked! We'll have to remember that... that could be useful in a fight. We'll call it... Fireball."

"Fireball?" I chuckled, "Very original... but I think it works."

Lorrie and Arianne entered the arena together and we began to run through some patterns and formations. It was after we had gotten down 3 attack plans that I noticed someone wasn't there.

"Where's Tiamone?" I asked. No one spoke up. Then the doors sprung open and in walked our lost partner. Followed by Kobish.

"Well, Well... if it isn't our little escape artists. A little birdy warned me that some of you are plotting to break out... now why would you ever want to do that?"

I looked at Apex our glances meeting and both of us thinking the same thing. We ran forward and started to attack. I was going in for a hit when my body lost all its movement and I was frozen in time. Apex was confronted with the same problem.

"Traitor!" I snarled at Tiamone. He didn't move. He didn't care. I wished that I could break free from his time lock and wipe the satisfied, prideful look off his face. Kobish continued talking.

"I'm not quite as upset as you all think I am. Here we encourage competition, and you have simply issued us a challenge. So now its our turn to fight back. Tomorrow you and your team, minus Tiamone here, will fight TWO areas instead of one. Have a nice day."

He exited the arena and Tiamone after looking at our angry faces wisely did the same. He wouldn't have survived the night, much less the next few minutes.After he left, movement was restored to Apex and I and we looked at each other helplessly.

Could our team take on two areas and even hope to win?

We didn't stand a ghost of a chance.

The End

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