A Step FurtherMature

After Lorrie had explained to me the dream she had of me being swept away into the darkness, I sort of understood why. At the same time though I felt angry she would blame herself for that, no one could know for sure how it would happen, and who caused it. Still at least I knew why she had been keeping her distance. She stopped crying, and we moved Visp to the couch.

"Were you guys up to..?" Arriane started.

"Yeah, got an electric shock in the right spot, and my power went off. However I did get a look around under us here. There's a basement of sorts , might be a good way out of here. As for the panel, I think I can loop the security systems, now. Visp also seems to know how to get the panels to do his bidding. For lack of a better term. So panel work aside. We just need access some ma..." I stopped as Tiamone came into the room wearing a suspicious look. Actually more of a glare as he got closer.

"Idiots. I'm surprised we don't have Kobish, and co coming down here! It's as if you couldn't make it anymore obvious your trying to break out!" Tiamone said with anger, as Lorrie took a step back from him. She seemed unsure what position to take I could tell she partly agreed with him, but another part she didn't like the idea of doing nothing either.

"Let him come! I'm getting out of here! Alive, and I don't care whether you stay here like a good little lab rat or come with us. But if your not going to help then don't bother complaining." I snapped at him.

"Tiamone, as much as I can say they aren't doing anything discretely he does rise a good point." Arianne started," What are you afraid of? There isn't much else to lose, if were just going to stay here, and until we get brutally killed in the arena."

"I would rather die later than sooner."Tiamone said under his breath seeing that he was outnumbered here, and left in a huff.

"Is he always like that?" I asked sorta towards Arianne but also more rhetorically.  She didn't reply, so I decided to let it rest.  Lorrie gave me another hug, at least things were beginning to normalize between us now. Still I could feel there was still some distance, but I guess coming from her point of view she thought it was avoidable as long as she put some distance between us. However I felt differently just as I had when Visp felt that I was going to kill him.  Her vision only show a moment in time, not only that, fate was something that could be changed depending on the actions taken. Still even if it came to pass, it didn't mean I died, it could, but I simply would not accept that was how I was going to die. Call it denial if you will, but I felt that if I let myself give in to fear it would happen for sure. I brought my head down towards her holding her a bit closer kissing her cheek. She turned a little red, and turned to give me an angered look but at that moment, our speaker systems turned on.

"Greetings residents of resting area 50." It was a computerized male voice," As of today all of you have been promoted to second tier battles. You will all fight as a team against other resting area's with the occasional solo battle between team battles. You will be facing resting are 77's team in two days time.  We do encourage using these two days to develop teamwork, and team strategy." The message ended abruptly there, leaving us all a little shocked.

"Uhh." Visp groaned breaking the silence," My head.", he looked up at me," Your a menace you know that? You coulda killed me!"  He said with both a jovial, and serious tone. I didn't respond," Hello! Anyone of you hearing me?" He questioned, " Aw cool, did I do thi..."

"No. Sorry Visp." I said finally," We've been pushed again, apparently to what they call the second tier. We fight together against other teams." I said sullenly.

"Oh......" He paused," Actually its not all that bad. We can help each other out now, we can have each others back. Winning the battle now is less of luck, and power but more on our ability to work together, and to strategize. I think I prefer this type of battle." Visp said breaking through my own doubts. I gave a smile, and unclenched my clench and released all the muscles that had tensed up at the though of disaster.

"You're right." I said my strong presence of confidence returning, " Lets get everyone together, we're training for this starting now. Put all differences aside!"

The End

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