The ExplosionMature

I kept in my room once I had woken up. I didn't feel like leaving it and everyone seemed busy with their own thing. It was two days later and I had walked out to grab some food which is when I spotted Apex and Visp in heated discussion.

Visp looked up and saw me then away like I didn't exist. I needed to talk to him... but I couldn't. I mean what would I saw? 'Sorry, I knew you liked me but I liked Apex so it didn't really matter?'

I wasn't the best at expressing my emotions or apologising. I think my previous actions proved that. When I reached the living area I saw Arianne sat on the sofa looking puzzled. A normal person would of asked what was wrong... I went straight past her and to the kitchen.

I grabbed some cereal and went straight back to my room. Which is when the explosion went out. It rocked the whole area. I dropped my cereal and ran straight to where I had seen Apex and Visp.

It had to be them. Something must of gone off. I should of stopped them messing with that panel!

What I found was a horrorible sight. Apex had blown a whole in the wall and floor in which he had fallen through. The metal was fixing itself which would cause Apex to fall down into what I guess was a basement. Visp had been thrown back and was knocked out. I ran to Apex and held out my hand.

"Grab it!" I yelled. This was like my dream... my vision but it wasn't. There was no roaring of machinery of yelling. Apex grabbed it and I yank him out of the hole. I was frightened scared. We stared at the hole until the metal has grown to replace the missing pieces.

I looked at Apex and our eyes met. I threw myself into his arms and began crying. He held me with a very confused look on his face. "Lorrie, why are you crying? What's the matter?"

Through my tears I told him about my vision and as I did a look of understanding went over his face.

The End

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