Not again.Mature

"Message for Lii Rohan."

I looked at Lii, my face going white. She was trying to put a brave face on things but I could tell she didn't want this either. Apex excused himself and left the two of us alone.The computer began to drone on again, but I didn't let it. I let out a burst of lightning into the screen which was so bright and powerful that I had to look away.

Needless to say... the computer stopped talking.

"Umm Visp?" Lii said tentatively "I don't know when I'm supposed to go and fight." I looked at Lii for a moment... then realized that she was right. I stopped the computer before it had told her when and who she was fighting. Oops. I looked down at my shoes and mumbled "Sorry." There was quiet for a moment, which was broken by the sound of Lii's laughter. My head snapped back up to look at her and although I didn't like people teasing me, I found myself starting to laugh as well. My eyes closed, my body shook, and I laughed. When I opened them back up I found Lii kissing me.


After a few seconds she pulled back, "Goodbye Visp" and she was gone. Out of the training hall. Out of my life.

"WHY IS THE UNIVERSE SO OPPOSED TO ME HAVING A GIRLFRIEND?!??!" I yelled at the sky. Why was it that every time I got close to someone they were taken away? It reminded me of home. I had never really cared to talk with my family. I had a brother, a sister, a mom and a dad. A few months ago I had decided that it was about time I started getting to know them. My family got really close, and I was happy. I was planning an anniversary party for my parents with my brother when we got the call. My parents and sister had been killed in car accident on the way to my sister's dance recital.

One day later my brother disappeared. They never found his body. I had never found out whether he killed himself, or just ran away. I was barely surviving on the street when I saw the ad for Superpowers Inc. I had nothing else. So I weren't there, and ended up here.

I walked out of the training room and slammed the door. A new hobby of mine. I walked up to my room, briefly glancing down the hall to see if Lii was in her room. Her door was shut. I got as close as I could without touching the door and listened. It sounded like she was crying... I wanted to go in there and do something but... if Lii wanted to spend time with me she probably wouldn't have the left the training grounds. But then again, I was so incompetent when it came to women... I briefly considered asking Apex what to do but then decided against it, walked to my room, and slammed the door again.

I woke up the next morning and went to Lii's room. She was already gone... I sighed and trudged back to my quarters. Slowly shut the door and laid down.

I didn't talk. I didn't eat. I just waited.

And waited.

And waited for Lii to come back.

I didn't come out of my room for two days.

After two days I accepted the reality that Lii was gone.

I had one choice. To escape this hellhole and destroy every single person who was a part of it. I knew there was one other person who shared my goal.

I blew my door open, walked across the hall, and found myself looking at Apex.

"Let's get the hell out of here."

He smiled. "It's about time." he said.

We went to work.

The End

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