I avoided most area's today. Tiamone was in a huff because his sister showed up , so when I stepped into the training area, to get some air, I walked into something between Visp and Lii. Wow that's pretty fast. I thought, well maybe there weren't kissing, but at one point their hands were touching. What a guy he is all mad at Lorrie turning him down, but not even a week later he is hitting it up with someone else. Well maybe he is trying to make Lorrie jealous still, all the stink he made, then this?  I guess in a way it was good but I didn't like the way he was treating Lorrie, and this didn't make things any better for him.  After apologizing in Arianne's behalf, and Visp was going to bring the kindness in full circle the computer beeped.

"Message for Lii Rohan." He paused in horror, I felt similarly but it was easy to tell he was positively horrified, and not just fearing the fact someone he knew could die to tomorrow. Lii looked a little pale when the message ended, but seeing that she was the one who was going to go out there she put on a brave face. Then another thought popped into my head. Lorrie! She had a match today! I had to see her before she went!

"I I'll leave." I said just loud enough for the two to hear me before I used my flash to get in front of the still frozen Visp to get back inside," Sorry." I said making my way in surveying the living area, for any sign of her.  No she wasn't there. I rushed upstairs her room door was open, and no one was home. She had gone without saying anything to me! Why would she do that?  I mean it was normal for her not to talk and all, but as of yesterday she seems to have put distance between her and I. Maybe it was the kiss? Maybe she thought it would be easier on me if she left without saying goodbye?  I couldn't figure it out but I was frustrated and worried with her.  I walked down the hallway with my own thoughts catching a glimpse of the training area. Lii was now training outside so I couldn't blow off any steam that way. 

"Dammit!" I yelled.  It seemed like everyone had distanced themselves from me, I mean Visp I could at least understand. Lii seemed to take a a slight disliking to me because of Visp. Tiamone was not really into talking to anyone, but now with Lorrie keeping me further than arms length was very upsetting.  Especially because getting out of here was a priority it was dismaying that everyone was avoiding me. 

"I will just have to do it myself for now." I said quietly, walking into my own room thinking of a to hack into one of the various panels to get a glimpse of the security systems here, to see which way would be the best way out.  Guess I would just have to go do it myself. I though walking to the panel on the wall. It was definitely locked out  the buttons but with years of experience scraping by on the streets and being a son of a man who helped build this colony I knew a thing or two about electronics. Within a few minutes I had it unlocked, and I could move or remove some information off it, but I couldn't really get a hold of anything useful, but I had an idea of the most of security measure they had on the rooms. Most of it was surveillance some of it was linked to equipment I didn't recognize but I bet it monitored a powers, and growth.   All the while the arena was roaring, making it hard to concentrate at the task at hand.  As I continued with the panel the arena changed its roar to a deathly silence.  A was frozen still feeling my heart beat faster in my chest, the match had ended! Had she been killed? In answer to my grim thoughts the stadium began to boo and protest what was going on out there?

Much later after I had shocked my hands to the point of discouraging any further work because of a distracted mind, I lay on the floor, trying to not think of the worse. No one had come to tell us that Lorrie had been killed but he could almost see it in his minds eye.  That's when he heard frantic stomps up the stairs, and around the corner Arianne and Tiamone popped their heads in a little surprised to see the panel taken apart.

"Are you okay?" Tiamone asked.

"Yeah." I said trying to sound normal.

"Lorrie's getting brought back Kobish sent us a message. She's fine, but did get pretty hurt in the fight."

"That's good. Why did he bother sending us a message?" I asked.

"Beats me."

"Thanks Tiamone." I mumbled getting myself up careful not to get myself zapped when I came near the panel.  I wonder if they were already onto my fiddling with the panel? Probably not they would have been quick to act if I were.  As soon as a reached the living room Kobish had brought Lorries Unconscious body into the room with a noticeable new scar on her collarbone. Kobish placed her in my hands. I was starting to feel particularly angry but resistance was futile. Kobish would just use that Puppeteer power, and that would be that.

"Next time tell  her to kill her opponent." He snarled, unimpressed, leaving without saying anymore, however as I turned around to bring Lorrie to her room it appeared that Tiamone was trying to catch his eye.  I looked to Visp to see if he had noticed, but he was looking elsewhere. I didn't dwell on it to long, maybe it was just me.  After putting Lorrie in her bed, I leaned against the wall contemplating whether I asked her why she had just left without saying anything. Why she seemed to keep her distance away from me, something told me that would just be putting myself in hot water, but at the same time I had a right to know. Didn't I?  A few minutes later Arianne showed up. She seemed really nice but a little nosey, but unlike her brother who crept the hallways and was discrete about his curiosity. She was up front about her curiosity something that I preferred.

"How is she?"

"She's looks fine, but who knows what happened in the Arena." I said fiddling tapping my fingers against the wall anxiously, for a half a minute the tapping of my fingers was all that filled the room.

"You care a lot for her don't you?" She took a wild stab in the dark.

"Yeah.....I care for her a lot......... but I care for everyone here a lot. None of us expected this to happen. We should have known I guess. Anyways it's to late to look back and take it all back. So the only thing I can do before someone is killed is get us out of here." I said quietly more for myself than her. Talking to her was helping get a hold of what was important again.

"So that's what the panel was about?"

"Yeah." I said distantly as I fell back into my thoughts. 

"Well, if you need help, you can ask me alright?"

"Yeah, sure  thanks." I replied shaking myself from thought, and returning my attention towards as Arianne left," Why did you do that?" I asked softly but with an undertone of anger. Not really at her but myself, with all the time I had been given, today was the first time I made any progress to getting out of here, and now Lorrie had gotten hurt. My fist clenched, heat was building up around me.

"I'm not sure if you can here me Lorrie but I'm going to say it anyways. I'm sorry for not working on escaping sooner. I will make sure there isn't a next time!" I said stepping closer and putting my hand on her shoulder. I wanted to give her a hug, but I was far to angry right now, and maybe if she was awake she wouldn't want me to. What did I do anyways, to make her distance herself from me?

The End

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