The Most I've Talked In My LifeMature

I didn't tell anyone when I was led of for my fight it was a little after the announcement for Lii went out. I'll admit I was a little jealous of the girl. It seemed like Visp being angry at me had turned him to her. 

It's not that I didn't want him to be happy but.... he wouldn't even talk to me. I had to explain just to tell him that I honestly spoke the truth. Yes, I had kissed Apex but it was cause I was so frustrated at him for not seeing how I felt. It felt like the only way I could show him, tell him, and now I'd gone and ruined a great friendship with Visp.

Not only that but now I had to avoid Apex cause I didn't want to cause his death. Seeing that would break my heart and from my vision I knew I was involved. As I was walking towards the arena it was only the new girl that spotted me. "Where you going?" she asked. I jumped at the sudden appearance and she held up her hands. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you" 

I think I remember her name being Arianne and that she was Tiamone's sister but that's all I knew I think. The moment I looked in her eyes though I could tell she had hypnosis but not like mine. It seemed to work through my eyes. My souly worked through my voice.

"No where" I say and continue walking. 

"Really? Cause to me it looks like your going to the arena"

"Look" I said turning to face her. "Just don't tell anyone okay. I've caused enough trouble as it is. Most of them here would be glad to see me gone and the one who doesn't will want to when he knows sometime in the future I cause his death"

Arianne frowns. "What do you mean they'd like to see you gone?" she says. "Do you mean Visp? I don't think he wants you gone I just think he's angry"

"He is and he does trust me" I say then burst out laughing. "I've talked to you more than anyone in my life" I shake my head. 

"Maybe cause you don't talk? I know when I hold something in it just gets worse" she tells me with a shrug.

"Look, trust me. I've hurt Visp cause I told him a truth that my action could of said was a lie but it was the honest truth"

"Why don't you tell him that?" she ask. I sigh and she seems to get it instantly. "He's not talking to you I'm guessing"

I nod. "Look, I need to get to my fight" I say. "Don't tell anyone"

The moment I turned away I could sense she was gone and I knew exactly who she'd gone to tell. See! That's why I didn't say much because when I talked I overshared. Stepping into the arena I saw my opponent and swallowed.

He was at least 6 foot and his body rippled with muscles. "Oh boy" I whispered getting a vision of my battered but living body. Well...... at least I'd live......

The End

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