Perfect Timing. Not.Mature

I heard Tiamone yell. Tiamone never yelled.

"Hi I'm a red flag. Nice to meet you."

I ran downstairs and and could hear Apex running down the hall behind me. I turned the corner ready for a fight.

There was no fight. Well... not that kind of fight. Tiamone was yelling at some girl who was standing outside the entrance to our dorm. Apex appeared beside me and seemed just as confused as I was. Tiamone spun around and began to storm off when he saw Visp and I standing there watching him. "Oh... uhh sorry guys. Just a little... family reunion." He left it at that, and stomped off. Visp and I exchanged glances then approached the new girl.

"Hi. I'm Arianne. I'm Tiamone's sister." I stuck out my hand and introduced us. "I'm Visp, and this is Apex. We're friends of your brother." I looked around the room searching for our other comrades. "Lii is out in the training room, and that" I nearly snarled as I spotted Lorrie on the couch, "is Lorrie. Welcome to Area 50." Arianne looked from me to Lorrie  and then to Apex. Apex shook his head slightly and gave her a "I'll tell you later." kinda look. I decided to ignore it. "Well thanks for the intros." Arianne said, and then she made a mistake. "Is everybody here fair game or are some... off limits."

Explosion. "I don't know." I yelled. "Why don't you go ask LORRIE?" With that I spun around and headed for the training grounds.

I slammed the Training room doors behind me. I didn't want to be angry at the new girl but she seemed to have a knack for unconciously pushing the right buttons. I needed to unwind. In the heat of the moment I forgot one crucial detail.

Lii was in the training room.

We locked eyes for a moment. I broke the gaze mumbled "sorry" and turned for the door again. She was in front of me before i could reach the handle. "No no its fine. You look upset... whats wrong?" I tried to push her out of the way, but she was in her "super mode" and I couldn't budge her. She smiled and guided me to the center of the room. We sat on the floor and she asked again. "What's going on?" I looked at the floor and didn't say anything for a moment. Then I felt the warmth of Lii's hand on mine. I looked at her, surprised and again she said "What's wrong? Tell me. I want to help."

Something clicked, and the vent in my mind opened up.

"I just can't get over Lorrie and Apex! I understood her. I could have understood if she didn't want anything, but then to go and start... whatever the hell she was doing with Apex! I guess Apex didn't mean it... Lorrie kissed him not the other way around. No relationship my ass!"

Lii looked at me with something between concern and something else that I couldn't place. She opened her mouth to say something when there was a knock on the door. Lii and I let go of each other and stood quickly. The door opened and... it was Apex. I should have guessed. He had knack for interrupting all the good times. He chose not to say anything about Lii and I but we didn't exactly hide the awkward very well.

He cleared his throat and said "Umm sorry... just wanted to let you know that Arianne wanted to apologize. She didn't mean to bring up any sore spots. I sighed and nodded. I couldn't hold anything against, it wasn't like she had betrayed me. "Ok. I'll go and talk to her. It's not her fault. I looked at Lii and we stared at each other for a moment. Then I stood and went for the door. The computer beeped and what I heard froze me in my tracks.

"Message for Lii Rohan."

The End

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