When you're on a doctors chair with a billion needles pointing at you, you would be a little worried.

When you're about to get three powers: one that you picked 'cause your brother picked it, one that you picked to annoy your brother and one that you picked 'cause you liked the colour on the label, you seem rather stupid. 

Which just makes up what I was like. Stupid, so stupid that people worried about me. Kind of figures, doesn't it? 

And all I could think was that my brother was going to kill me for this.


I opened my eyes and was almost blinded. Whoa, that was a weird dream. What time was it now? Like, ten-ish? Rolling over, I immediately noticed that I wasn't in bed, I was on the floor. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I wasn't even in my house, what was going on here?

"Has her memory been wiped?" Asked a voice. "Did something go wrong?"

That helped me to remember where I was and what had happened.

"Something better not have gone wrong," I muttered, standing up to see where I was. In front of a mirror, I found. I frowned at my reflection. I had expected a bigger change than this. My hair, which had been a dull-ish brown colour and used to hang to my elbows in tight curls was now a bit shinier, had a bit of a red tint to it, and the curls were looser and looked a little more artificial. But that was it. I could have done that myself.

"This is stupid," I told the voice. "It didn't work, I'm going home."

"That wouldn't be a good idea," a man said, walking in through a door to my left. 

I wasn't having it. I wanted to get powers, and then go home. I just looked at him and folded my arms, as if that was going to make him change his mind. He stopped walking and began to stare at my face, directly into my eyes, becoming mesmerized. I quickly cast my eyes away from him and he fell forwards. I rushed to the mirror - something must have changed, he must have seen something - and I got there in time to see a purple-ish light slowly dimming down around me. 

I turned to the man, who had picked himself up off the floor and was now giving me a look as if that had never happened before. "What else can I do?" I asked him.

"You tell me," he said. "Try to speak into my mind."

Umm... Hello? I thought, to no avail. I tried harder, I wanted to make him hear it. Um, is it working? Oh, that felt different.

"Yes it is working. Now how about your time control. Try to stop this ball from hitting you," he produced a red rubber ball and launched it at me as hard as he could. No, no, stop stop stop! The ball paused for an instance so brief that I only noticed it because I caused it, and I still got thwacked by the ball.

"Interesting," the man motioned for me to follow him, and I did so. He stopped outside a room. "This is Resting Area 50." Then he just left me there.

I opened the door and became face to face with my brother, who first looked shocked, then confused, then gave me a look of thunder.

"Uh, hi, Taimone," I said with an innocent smile.

The End

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