"Morning already!" I groaned covering my head with sheets trying to shut out the light but it was to late. I was awake,"No fair." I muttered noticing that Lorrie had already left, which was probably a good thing anyways but I couldn't help but feel a little saddened by this. I made my way downstairs noticing that Visp's door was the only one opened. Meaning that he was probably the only other person up right now.  I severely hoped Tiamone was up to because I didn't want to get in an argument with him, or worse end up in a fight with him. It's not the fact I didn't think I would lose, I just wanted to be his friend again , and besides my power wasn't exactly something that could be used indoors safely.

"Well either way I'm gonna have to confront him anyways."  I said out loud clenching my fist with a resolve to settle it here if I had to as long as he didn't attack me. 

As I reached the the end of the hall it was obvious that Visp and I were the only two up at the moment. He gave me a glare but he was far calmer, and hopefully more rationale than he was yesterday. Neither of us greeted each other as I sat on the  other end of the table, trying think of a good way to start this conversation without getting attacked. It took less than a second to figure out that I was going to have to wing it. I looked up at the fridge. I hate breakfast. Okay not true Eggs Benedict are delicious, and so is Bacon, oh oh and so are hash browns, or pancakes!  But cereal could go to hell.  The reason I had a hard time was that I was rarely hungry in the morning. Alright lets stop delaying this!

"I'm sorry." I said looking at him with true sincerity. He slammed his spoon into his bowl giving me another killer glare.

"You're sorry! You betrayed me! Why weren't you honest! I would still be hurt but at least I would know it was a possibility that you and Lorrie woul..!"

"Were not together!" I broke in yelling over his voice so he could hear me, we were both on standing, but an odd silence hung in the air.

"Then what was with you two curling up together yesterday!? Huh! You can look me straight in the eye and tell me that you aren't together when your doing that! Why are you even lying to me!?" He yelled.

"I am telling you the truth! Now to you it may seem odd that too people of the opposite gender may cuddle up together but where I come from that's the best you can do to comfort someone! And yeah it may seem like I was lying to you Visp, and there is probably no way for me to explain it to you, So I' am sorry! I'm sorry I betrayed your trust! But now is not the time to be yelling at each other over Lorrie." I said trying to lower my voice so I could sound more reasonable for the next bunch of things I was going to tell him,"  We have to find away out of here Visp, right now its about survival, and for us to get out here alive we need to work together, and in that time I will try to regain your trust. And if that doesn't work as soon as we get far away from here then beat me to a bloody pulp, if that's what you think I deserve. For now we have to throw away our differences."  I finished, it seemed like he had calmed down but I could still see an underlying anger in his voice as he sat back down in his chair mulling over on what I had just said.  I sat back down too.

"Fine. But I still don't believe you." He said after a minute or more silence," If I were you, I would be careful not to cross me again." He said with anger in his voice but maybe it was wishful thinking but I heard a small amount of forgiveness in his words.

" I have no intentions of crossing you intentionally or by accident."  I replied sitting up, just as  walked towards the kitchen the wall which Kobish had left through yesterday sled open again revealing his pale face, and his all to blue eyes.

"Good morning everyone. All rested up I see, and raised voice already this early in the morning?" Kobish smiled walking in completely calm as if he owned the place.  I took a step towards trying to contain my anger towards this man.

"What's your business here." I seethed, I heard a chair behind me move over letting me know Visp was standing up. Could we take him down, maybe this is our chance! I clenched my fists ready to attack.

"I wouldn't if I were you." Kobish said simply but a feeling overwhelming presence overcame both Visp and I as we staggered back.

"What's going o.." Tiamone said with Lorrie, and Li behind him.

"Oh looks like everyone came. To answer your question Apex I was just going to borrow for a while."

"I would rather stay here."  I said stepping back.

"Oh, I'm afraid I wasn't asking you. Your coming with me whether you want to or not." He said going to grab my shoulder but I managed to flash behind him,"You will find disobeying me is only counterproductive." He said coolly point his index finger at me which started to glow a crimson red. I wasn't all to sure what was going on but suddenly I was glowing crimson red and I was marching myself out. From behind me I heard Lorrie give a slight squeak, and maybe a laugh from Visp but I wasn't to sure because the door was closing.

"See wasn't that easy?" Kobish said, as I stopped glowing red. I didn't reply, but somehow this man knew what I was thinking, did he have the same power as Lorrie or was he really intuitive?

" I call that power Puppeteer, Essentially I push my own will over any subject that I point at. So I can control up to ten people at a time. Although it's obvious they are under my control seeing the glow crimson red. Still I could of had you slit your own throat there if I wanted to."  He explained.

" Where are you taking me Kobish?"

"Oh just testing your Synchronization during your match we saw massive growth. So don't worry I will not be harming. I can't say the same for wht will happen in the testing area which by the way is on your left." He said just as the door opened to an overly lit room which blinded me as I walked.

"You got him Kobish? Good. Now get up here, I'm sure you will find the results most interesting." A voice said over the P.A.

"I will be up there in a moment, but do go ahead and start the test without me." Kobish replied.

"And turn down the damn light or at least give me a pair of sunglasses!" I yelled. Kobish closed the door, and suddenly the lights dimmed down to the point of barely being to see three feet in front of me. What exactly where they going to make me do. Suddenly I felt so very heavy as if a an ocean were above me. I hit the floor, breathing was becoming hard, and it was only getting heavier at any second now my back was going  break, and then I would explode from the pressure! I thought.

"Ahhh!" I screamed in pain, I had to push through this but how? Then I remembered what had happened when Tiamone tried to stop time while I was creating an explosion. Despite all the pressure I felt I lifted my right arm, trying to create an explosion, but this insane pressure stopping me from using my powers! I tried again and again but it just didn't seem like it was working.  My hand slammed into the floor, my head was beginning to darken from the pressure.

"One more time!" I growled pushing myself, trying to make the biggest explosion I could summon. The pressure pressed down on me but I could see the orange glow gathering in front of me, I started to feel lighter, still a lot of pressure was baring down upon me but it was tolerable now.  The floor began to shake as if the pressure and and my will to create this explosion was to much. I forced the explosion to grow removing even more of the pressure, I was able to sort of stand on my legs now. I wanted to release the explosion but it would kill me if I did. How was I supposed to take it back?

"Alright good job. We'll deal with that just let it go." Kobish said over the P.A.


"Let it go!" He said again, and I released  it. It expand but something was stopping it. No it hadn't been stopped it was being contained by a force field.  Some panels slid away from below it, and it was lowered away.

"That was actually quite impressive Apex. Although not great show of awareness towards your own Synchronization but maybe if I told you that all your powers are only as powerful as your synchronization. In a way synchronization is a power of its own that allows you to have powers. Everyone sync is a little different, and each like I told you earlier will react differently to your powers, and even your emotions.  You can expand your Synchronization by training like I said. But sometimes when two powers collide with equal synchronization that is when we'll see growth.  The Repulsor power was really just to match the strongest synchronization field it came into contact with, and that’s why he deflected powers. However your seems to grow whenever being used in a dire situation. But curiously your growth seems to be in only one area. Which brings us to our next test. Fire up the next program!" He ordered excitedly.  I didn't care much for his explanation, it was hard to follow, but what I did get was that the more I used my power the stronger I would get! 

I readied myself for whatever the next test may be, but this time it wasn't from above it was from the side, and this time they were various items trying to hit me.  At first I could flash away from them all but this couldn't keep up forever especially because all of the things I was dodging was draining my energy faster than my fight with the Repulsor. As I grew tired things began to hit me, I tried to push it but nothing was happening, nothing at all. I hit the ground and flashed but it was to late as a knife caught me in the shoulder and force me and my shoulder to the ground where it embedded itself.

"AHHH!" I screamed, seeing more objects flying at me, Instinctively I raised my arm. Please work! I begged trying to create a sheet of Ice. First it was just a fine could white mist. A hammer impacted my stomach, I screamed even louder as blood spewed from my mouth. I had to calm down or I wasn't going to make it! I closed my eyes imagining myself in a dark circle, this always calmed me down. I was waiting to be hit again but nothing. I opened my eyes seeing a pure white sheet of ice covering my body. I did it! hell yeah! I felt so good but then it was apparent It took a lot of me, because a wave of light headedness came over me, and I fell backwards, sleep trying to take over.

"Alright no lazing around here lets go." Kobish said picking me up and removing the knife from my shoulder injecting something near the wound.

"Just more regenerative chemicals." He said with a bored tone. Maybe it was because I was tired, but right there he sounded caring, but maybe that's because I was suddenly very interesting to him, or maybe he was a good guy. I don't know, but I was still distrustful of him as he had me wheeled back to resting area fifty, where they literally just dumped me onto the floor before leaving. I heard the others coming but I was to tired to care. I just wanted to go to sleep.

The End

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