Dream or VisionMature

I had stayed up for hours with Apex. We didn't really talk much but just layed on his bed holding each other. I would of kissed him but I didn't feel like it was right. Not with Visp still angry at him and I had been honest, I didn't want a relationship right now. Although, it seemed like soon I'd have to face up to my feelings completely.

I think that is another reason I didn't kiss him. I wanted to pretend that maybe we were still friends and that we were back in the shack and one of us had got hurt. Apex always gave me a hug when I got hurt. I hadn't seen anything in it but now... now knowing Apex sort of felt the same way I couldn't help but believe he had meant something through them.

I had fallen asleep there in Apex's room feeling the world drift away so easily as my eyes sinked closed. My body and mind welcomed the rest of dreamless sleep.... to bad it wasn't.......


"Apex!" I screamed. "Don't let go. Oh god, please don't let go"

Sobs tumbled out of my lips. I knew Apex couldn't hear me over the roar of sound around us. It was going to close off. I could tell. The place couldn't take the pressure. I couldn't lose him. Not what after I had said. 

Then Apex spoke something just a few words but I couldn't hear them. Then the door began to close and Apex let go of my hand falling away.


 I bolted up. My heart was pounding and I was staring into the darkness of the room with wide eyes. I could feel the cover over my body begin to lift as my body tingled with power. I closed my eyes and forced my self to calm. I couldn't get emotional. 

I glanced at Apex. One of his arms still fell over my waist but his other was tucked under his head. I could lose him. My vision could come true and I could lose him. Well, my last vision hadn't come true the way I saw it but the circumstances had changed.

Changed.... I didn't know why or how I lost Apex or even when but I wasn't allow it going to happen. I couldn't feel that pain not with him. Moving his arm slowly off my waist and to his side I slipped of the bed. Quickly I creeped out of the room and back to my own. 

Apex needed to concentrate. He needed to be without distractions.... and I think I might end up as one....

The End

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