Apex sounded like he was going to have a heart attack. I stood up quick and walked to the door, thinking that I wouldn't mind too much if he did have a heart attack. If he didn't... I could probably give him one. Or something to the same effect.

I yanked the door open and yelled "GO AWAY!" and force pushed him across the hallway into the wall. His eyes met mine for a moment. They looked... regretful. My mind hesitated, but kept the "Try again and you'll die where you stand" look on my face. Maybe he didn't mea- I took my thoughts back over and slammed the door once more. I walked back over to my bed and laid down, staring at the ceiling.

Who was I kidding? Did I really think that anyone could ever like me? I was a nerd. Always will be. Girls don't fall for my type. That wasn't  why I was upset though. I could handle rejection. I had taken it before. It was the fact that I had been lied to. Betrayed. By someone whom I had come to call a friend. If there was one thing I valued, it was loyalty. I thought of myself as a loyal person. I expected other people to reciprocate the action.

I'm too trusting.

There was another knock on the door. "NO ONE SEES THE WIZARD!" I yelled. The Wizard of Oz. Good movie. I closed my eyes and tried to drift off, but the knock came again. I force pushed the door open, and saw Tiamone standing there with a plate of food. I gave a curt nod, used my power to pull the plate inside, and shut the door again. Dinner gently floated across the room and touched down on the desk. Eating was not a priority at the moment. I wanted to be mad, but something inside of me kept throwing question after question at my consciousness.

Was I being childish?
Was Apex really guilty?
Was there more to this than I thought there was?
Was I ever going to get over Lorrie?

Was I ever going to get out of here alive?

My eyelids had just dropped shut when there was another knock at the door.

You have got to be kidding me.

The End

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