He slammed the doors shaking the hallway a little.

"Damnit!" I said slamming my fist on the wall, causing Lii to jump back a little, and draw Lorrie's attention. I should have seen it coming! I could have a least tried to be more discrete. Lorrie walked up behind me momentarily with a questioning look but already knew what I was thinking.

"Sorry bout that." I said to both of them, but it wasn't them I should be apologizing too. I still felt badly, and the whole situation of standing outside of Lorrie's room was made more awkward with Lii just standing there.

"I'm not to sure exactly whats going on here pal. But to me it looks like you crossed that fellow in disgusting horrible kinda way, and...."

"And what?I already know!" I tried to say calmly but a tone of anger could be found in my voice,"Sorry." I tried to say more but I was at a loss of how I could fix this, and that was probably because there wasn't anyway I could for the moment. Lii simply walked away back down the stairs leaving Lorrie and I alone. One her arms wrapped around mine, offsetting the guilt and other feeling raging in a whirlwind in my head for a moment. She looked a little embarrassed by doing so but I gave her an encouraging smile that faded away when she looked at her feet. What would we do now?  In essence we still just friends, but it didn't feel that way anymore, at least to me it didn't.  We weren't together either though, and I supported that, I think.  I didn't see the difference whether we were together or not in this place.

Did she also like Visp as well as me? That's the kinda feeling I got with there conversation in her room. I really didn't mind if she did well okay I did but at the same time, I still didn't feel like the right person for her.  For a while now I felt like or knew that I was going to get myself killed because of stubbornness, because my need to make this place better.  I didn't see Visp getting himself killed like that, but I have only known him three days now, which isn't really enough to truly know someone. Why did this thing have to happen now, why couldn't it happened differently? So Visp wouldn't want me dead. Another thought Occur it was stupid and pointless of me to think like this it wouldn't solve anything. I had to be strong, and I will talk to Visp, I will tell him what happened , and what is happening now. If he doesn't listen then I will just do it in my traditional sense and beat it into him. 

I gave Lorrie a hug, I wanted to say something to her, but I didn't know what. Since she had gotten that Telepathic power she's been talking less, which made matters worse when it came to talking to her. I was beginning to wish that I had the telepathic power so I could say the right things to get a conversation going. We stood there in each others embrace for along time. At least one of felt a little better about the whole thing, and to be honest I felt a little bet better as if weight was let off my shoulders, but a more just replaced it.  Part of me wanted to kiss her, but the other part just wanted to fix things between me and Visp otherwise it would just be another shot of guilt. I let go of her ,and she did like wise.

"I guess we should talk about this more later?" I asked her, hoping she would respond, but she just went red obviously remembering earlier. She opened her mouth but was interrupted by a shout from downstairs.

"Everyone Dinner!" Lii and Tiamone said together.

"I will be right after you." I told her.

"I'm not very hungry though." She said quietly.

"You have a match coming up! Just eat a little bit if you have to."  She gave me one of those glares that meant I had overstepped again but she started her way down to the table. When she disappeared I stopped at Visp's door.  It was probably a bad time trying to befriend him again, but I had to try.

"Hey Visp! Its dinner Korean barbeque, you said it yourself it sounded tasty." I said lightly hitting his door. I Heard a thump onto his bed but there was no reply. What did that thump mean? I panicked a little remembering back to my childhood when my mother had decided to....


The door opened, quickly, he stood there for a moment, and a slight hope rose inside me that he had forgiven. No that's stupid! What is he doing then?

"GO AWAY!" He yelled raising his arm, and power to slam me hard against the wall across the hall.  I fell to my knee's from the force, but I didn't dare fight back I deserved it. I looked up expecting more, but he just gave me a the look of if I could I would definitely kill and rip you to shreds. He slammed his door again.  I got up, holding my chest, he got me pretty good there. I really hoped they didn't make us fight.I got down the table the other three were already filling their plates, by the time I got there. Something told me they all heard me get thrown against the wall but thankfully no one wanted to talk about it.

"Sorry bout that Tiamone. Looks really nice."  I said taking a seat beside Lorrie.

Dinner was fairly silent, and quick, Tiamone being his usual self was observing us all with those ever so analytical eyes. Lorrie rarely talked anyways. None of knew Lii to well, and she seemed a little uncomfortable with us all. As for myself they was alot on my mind, and it didn't matter if there was any talk. So we all sat in silence eating our respective meals.  I had chosen to eat the Kimchi as Tiamone called it with the seasoned barbeque beef which was cooking on a cast iron fire pan at the middle of the table.  The garlic broccoli was also also awesome, even though I didn't like the guy, I had to admit he could cook, and sooner or later I would have to ask him if he could teach me, because I burnt just about everything,even water because most of it would just turn into steam.

"I will bring this up to Visp." Tiamone finally said grabbing a portion of the left overs and piling it in a container with walls in it so it would be separate. 

"Alright I will do the dishes then." I volunteered.

"Awesome then I think I will just head to my room then." Lii said lazily. 

Once everyone had gone Lorrie stayed quietly helping me organize the plates in the machine. Another bonus living here, I wasn't doing them by hand anymore. My mind turned back to the slums, I wondered if the guys were mad at me. Did they feel Betrayed. I wondered what they were doing right now?

"They know you came here." Lorrie said," I left a note." she said Shiftily.

"And they know you're here to?"

She nodded.

"I hope they stay far away from here then, knowing them though if we don't get out soon, they're gonna come after us. Especially if Roy takes charge. Thinking of which have you gotten any ideas of getting out of here?"  At this point I was just trying to keep my mind off of Visp, and earlier not that I didn't like the memory, it was just really distracting.  She shook her head.

"I have a couple Ideas, but I doubt blowing holes through walls is gonna help us especially now that I have already done it they won't make it that easy. But I was thinking that those passages the robots brought me through to here might be the ticket out. Still I need to know more." I said. She didn't reply but I assumed she agreed that I was onto something there. For a while I said nothing, but it came clear to me that this drama here today was immature. Especially on Visp's side, but I could understand that, we had to get this team together soon. It didn't matter who liked who, who kissed who, what mattered was survival. The stuff between only interfered with that goal. Sure it had meaning, and peoples feelings were important, but we could put more time and energy into it after we get out!  With this in mind, I was able to quickly finish up this dreadful chore.

"So what now?" I asked sitting up on the counter. I had a feeling she was going to go to bed, but I didn't want her to. Funny how I resolved for getting us all out, but I was still putting my time into feelings. Tomorrow I would work on our escape and survival, and tell Visp about what is happening, and what our goals should be.

The End

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