If there is one thing I hate it's embarrassment.

If that whole situation was one thing at all... it was freaking embarrassing.

I respected Lorrie's decision, and although I didn't want to admit it... she was probably right. This was not the time or place for a relationship. I shuffled out the door, head held high, trying to retain the scraps of my newly shredded dignity and pride. Once outside Lorrie's room, I stopped and just fell against the wall. Trying to think, trying to sort out emotions, "could be"s, and "what if"s, that's when I heard it. Heard Him.

Apex was in Lorrie's room. He had been in Lorrie's room during that whole conversation! I chanced a peek back in the room... the two were curled up together like turtle doves or something!

No relationships huh?


I had three options. One: Be a man, admit that Apex was better and just let it alone. Yeah right. Two: I could smash through the door or wall and confront the two of them. Although that would be gratifying and all, there were two of them and one of me. The Corporation probably wouldn't care if they killed me. Three: I could hide my emotions, which would be difficult with Lorrie's habit of mind invading but not impossible, and I cold bide my time. I had grown to like Apex after getting over the "He is going to kill me in my sleep" phase. He betrayed me.

He lied to my face!

"Hey" I spun fast nearly falling over to see who had interrupted my vengeance in the making. Evil geniuses don't like to be interrupted. Tiamone was going to get it! "Wh-"

It wasn't Tiamone. It was the blue haired girl. "Ummm hi" I said displaying my obvious eloquence and smooth nature. She introduced hersefl, "I'm Lii, you are... Visp? is that right?"

I didn't feel like talking. I didn't want to socialize. However I couldn't blow up in her face. Tiamone and I knew each other, he would probably be ok with it and know that I would be fine once I cooled off a little. Being mean to strangers was something I wasn't too fond of. So I turned up the excitement a little. "Yeah. That's me." Yes I'm quite a charming person. "You don't look so good. Are you ok?" I don't like people who state the obvious. I also hate psychiatrists. "I'm actually quite dandy. Can;t you tell by my rainbow clothing? Or my glowing complexion? Or the huge smile on face?" She drew back a little, and looked at the floor.

She looked like a damsel in distress. I had no choice but to apologize, "I'm sorry... it's... it's not you. My frie- well... Apex kinda just slammed me." Then I realized how much of an innuendo that was and hastily added "Not in like a weird way... or a literal way... or anything, like that... " Lii started laughing "That's ok... I'm kinda nosy... you wanna talk about it?" I thought about her offer, and was about to say yes when Apex exited Lorrie's room.

I looked at him. If looks could kill, he would have have died a horrible, explosive, seisure filled death.

He knew it too. "Listen Visp I'm really sorry." I quickly analyzed the situation. Lii was standing there, and Apex was standing there. A fight wouldn't be the best idea. I would throw in my two cents, which at this point was looking more like the lottery, and then I would leave. Apex continued, "I mean, we weren't... we don't... it's not what you thi-"

"No." I interrupted. "It's not. Because you're still breathing."

I walked down the hallway to my room. Calmly. No stomping. Then I slammed the door nearly off it's hinges.

The End

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