Cupboard nonsenseMature

I shoved Apex into the cupboard only a second before Visp turned up. "Hey Lorrie" he muttered looking towards the ground embarassed. Oh god, this is what I had been trying to avoid all evening and with Apex in the cupboard I don't want him to be hearing everything. I couldn't move though because that mean leaving Apex on his own. 

"Hey" I muttered back trying to calm my rapidly beating heart. I was going to hug Apex and possibly kiss him again. He liked me. He liked me!?! I mean it wasn't what I expected him to say at all and... I'd felt guilty. Guilty because I had kissed him knowing Visp also liked me and now I could feel Apex's guilt too. It was giving me a headache if I'm honest.

"About... About in the arena" Visp continued his voice shaking before he drew in a steady breath.

"Don't worry about it" I quickly jumped in folding my arms across my chest protectively and looking away. Why now?! Why now when I knew Apex was listening in? I couldn't hear his thoughts mind you because I was unable to concentrate.

Logical thoughts went through my mind like 'What are you doing?' I mean I was messing with two guys almost. Not purposefully. Hell, I don't know what either saw in me. I mean I could get Apex since me and him had history but he seemed to have liked me a lot longer before that. Then Visp just suddenly liked me.

I didn't dare delve into the reasons but I knew logically there was no reason. Why not like the blue haired girl? She was prettier and she'd talk to them. 

"No, I-I need to get it off my chest. I know you and Apex have something but I want you and me to possibly be more, Lorrie" Visp said strongly. I could tell he was putting all his guts into this and his phasing told me he really wasn't use to dealing with girls. My stomach churned.

"No" I said guilt spreading through me like a wild fire. "No, Visp, we can't I'm sorry"

"W-why not?" he stuttered now really embarrassed and looking very hurt as well. I look down guilty trying to think of a logical reason why.

"Because of where we are. I don't want to get into a proper relationship here" I tell him. It was honest and I could tell Apex heard my honesty. Yes, I had kissed him but that didn't mean I was up for anything serious.

"O-okay" Visp stuttered backing away.

"Sorry" I whispered and closed my door. Apex slowly got out of the cupboard looking at me with a steady gaze. 

"Guess I should go?" he muttered. I nodded and moved over to the bed lying down and curling in on my stomach. I expected to here the door slam shut but instead a few seconds later my bed dipped as a body lay behind me arms wrapping round me. My breathing steadied and relaxed as Apex held me from behind. Like old times....

The End

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