Lock DownMature

Okay, so breaking out wasn't the best idea and I think Tiamone had tried to stop Apex. Honestly, I wish Tiamone had been successful in stopping Apex cause when we reached the living quarters a lot of men were waiting. 

I paled and stepped behind Apex frightened with him putting an arm in front of me almost. Visp glanced over and then away. I felt a little bad then because I knew Visp liked me but.... I couldn't stop being with Apex. 

"Well, Well" the man said stepping forward. I had seen him before but his name kept running away from me. Then I remember it. Like a flash of lightning or breaking through a barrier. One of the men stood next to Kobish grunted and put one had to his head.

"Sir, one broke through the mind barrier" the man said. Kobish's eyes instantly met mine and I hid even futher behind Apex.

"Oh, it doesn't matter, Rimonie" Kobish waved and suddenly all of my friends seem to come back to life like they had been under a hypnotic spell. "I am not pleased with what you four have done. It will take at least a day to fix up the area but as soon as its fixed... Lorander shall go straight back it"

"No" Apex and Visp snapped at the same time. Kobish glanced at both of them and laughed. 

"Oh, how cute" Kobish teased smiling causing shivers to run down my spine. "But that's not important. You will all be on lock down till after Lorander's fight. Meaning, no training or even watching her fight. Goodbye now"

Apex stepped forward as if to run after them but a wall slid down. He cursed and turned to look at me worried. What were we going to do?


After Kobish's departure we were left locked up with only access to the kitchen, living area, bedrooms and two bathrooms. It had been decided that me and that blue haired girl who I learned was called Lii take one then the guys have the other.

I had avoided Visp like the plague. It wasn't his fault... well, actually it was but it was more cause I was scared he was going to bring up the discussion that he had started before our fight. 

It was after one of these slip-by's that I had bumped into Apex. "Hey" he said. "Avoiding Visp?" I opened my mouth to speak but Apex waved me off. "Don't worry I get it. You don't want to talk to him about it. You know he asked me earlier if we were together"

Apex's laughs and I hide a wince. Why does he find that so funny? I mean can't he see how much I care for him.

"Anyway, I think you should give him a chance. I mean he'd be great for you, Lorrie" Apex smiles.

"He wouldn't" I whisper. Apex frowns looking down at me while I can barely look him in the eye.

"Why not?" he says. Finally, I look up at him and realise that I either could be about to make the worst mistake of my life or the best. Quickly going up on my tiptoes I grasp Apex's shirt pulling are bodies closer and pressing my lips to his before he can even stop me.

The End

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