"Sorry." I heard her whisper.

"It er umm okay, partially my fault." I said hiding myself quickly throwing on some clothes," its okay to turn around now Lorrie."  She did walking into the room that look of concern still there," I won't get my ass kicked as bad next time, and besides I have to worry about you now, you should be getting a match of you own soon." She nodded in response.

I really liked spending time with Lorrie, but I sometimes resented these one sided conversations. I wondered what she actually thought of me, because eventually I would just tell her everything that I had on my chest. This started to happen after my father had gone all sour from drinking to much and just generally hating his own life, I wish I could have changed things for him, but well some people you just can't save, and he was one of them, he had been rescued far to many times, and the only thing he had left was me. The teen delinquent who messed up all his chances in any academic career. That was the past I guess, I needed to focus on now. I looked at Lorrie judging by her face she was still embarrassed, I went a little red as I thought about her seeing me pretty much half naked. 

"Errr." I said breaking the silence," You can sit down if you like...............At least this place looks better then the hut." That was stupid! I missed those guys, I hope those rich brats hadn't gone and hurt them because I was no longer there. I could tell mentioning this didn't bode well with Lorrie either.

"Sorry." I muttered, letting another long silence lay in the air before saying," We have to get out of here, and survive. This is much bigger than just a little war between the rich and the poorer. As much as I hate to say this, I'm glad I came here. I think I can change things here, and maybe change things outside of this miserable hell hole. We need to keep our eyes open and never lose sight of this goal. Which might be harder than we think. Anyways that's not the reason why I asked you to come here to talk. I wanted to share something that’s been eating away at me. I I I killed that man Lorrie. I'm not sure if I meant to or not, but his lifeless eyes, I can still see them. I never came here to so I could have these powers to kill people, that was never my intention. Despite the fact the powers I have chosen are mostly lethal."

I didn't know what I would achieve telling anyone about how guilty, and badly I felt about killing The Repulsor, it made me want to cry, but I couldn't allow it. Not in front of the others, and especially not in front of Lorrie. I had to put a strong face all the time around her, now that she could read my mind, so I had to really sure to keep these weakness's to myself. Still I had to tell her, what was bothering me, she would eventually find out anyways. As I stayed silent she gave a comforting hug, just as Visp, and Tiamone came around the corner. Visp looked a little put out for some reason, Lorrie quickly walked back looking down at her feet. 

"Hey, guys." I said after a quick but somewhat awkward silence," whats with the heavy traffic at more door? If you want come on in." I smiled.

"Well." Tiamone started looking at Visp, but was quickly cut off by Visp himself.

"I have a match tomorrow at Nine A.M." He said gloomily.

"What?" I ask exasperated a little," I thought everyone was given a two weeks between treatment! Tiamone you said it yoursel...!" Tiamone cut off my short winded protest.

" Well, maybe the rules have changed. I don't know, but I would say maybe the new serums they are handing out are stronger, and their just itching to see them in action. Either way its not good. Oh and Apex as for your request about the blue haired girl before your match, she is resting in her bed, and has gained full consciousness. I suggest we all introduce ourselves. You know to be friendly. We're all gonna be living here for a while." He said trying to change the topic, but I was still feeling angry. They broke the rules on me fine, but how many others would have the same problem like Visp's and mine? Well judging by our little skirmish yesterday I'm sure Visp can handle himself.

"Well, If you want I can train with you." I said trying to loosen up my muscles, and receiving a concerned glance from Lorrie.

"No, its fine really." Visp said not exactly giving the most believable smile," I mean you need to recover, and besides the training area has a hologram capability,so we won't end up hurting each other."

"Oh well its probably better that way then." I said,"I guess we should go meet...." The holo television in my room went off cutting me off as it made a sharp beep noise.

"Message for...... Lorander Snow."

The End

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